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The Workflow & Vision of

by Ordering, on Jan 18, 2018 3:40:58 PM


What is the value for us?

Well, there are many definitions. We see value in something that is created to solve a problem in a specific situation of real life or the market.
In our case, was created to help startups, enterprise and any other business which is doing a local delivery with complicated logistics and high demand in design.

Customer Reviews

Transparent roadmap for upcoming developments, new features, and improvements

We believe that giving you transparency of our changes log and our ideas will help us to align our interests with our customers.
We want to give direct access to the correct planning for your company for the future. This factor is critical for you because you should know how much you can improve in the mid and long-term.
We created our roadmap in a smooth, precise and comprehensive way so everything can be easily understood without IT knowledge.
We create all of our products by only thinking of the needs of our customers in real life. The demands they have day by day in their business.
We regularly send surveys to get feedback from our customers and to listen to their opinions.
These surveys are direct feedback and input for our next developments.
"We try to mix our innovative ideas with the current and future needs of our customers. "
We research the pain points of our customer to discover new solutions
We are always in the search for new solutions. You can not create a solution if you do not have a problem to solve.
So before our customer suffers a conflict in real life of his business. We are continually researching about problems they could potentially have.
Innovation is our main goal
We understand one thing very clearly: If you only create known solutions the best you will get is known results.
We want to take everything a step further. For that, we need innovation.
We hope that with this short article we have given you a better understanding of how
We run our company, how we work with our customers and what we want to keep doing in the future.



" I am delighted that you are taking the time to read this article that I am writing with so much love and excitement. For us, running a company is not only about making money but about creating value for our customers. "


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