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Why You Had To be Selling Online For This Superbowl

Why-You-Had-To-be-Selling-Online-For-This-Superbowl-minThe Superbowl means super sales for many. An event watched by millions each annum when the time comes around for the touchdown to begin.

Party hosts prepare to get in their orders and make sure that food is plenty, chips, dips, chicken wings, and beverages galore to keep their hungry, excited party guests filled while they watch the game.

Board meetings get dropped, prominent big-shot businessmen and women push to the back of their heads what antics are happening in the world of Wall Street, and office outfits are swapped for t-shirts and jerseys supporting their favorite players!

However, there is much more to the super bowl than finger food appetizers and football. The sporting event has what it takes to boost your online business significantly. Suppose you are listed on an online marketplace application.

In that case, you can take advantage of offering super bowl promotions and going all out to ensure that your customers get the very best deals directly to their doors! It was estimated that the average household spent $50 on hosting a super bowl event, and of course, that is the bare minimum.

Hyperlocal retailers have a massive advantage to cash in in the event, as it is all about convenience at your fingertips.


Key Stats For Superbowl Spending

● Seventy-three percent of Superbowl party hosts spend over $50 on the event. Locally the amount estimated on the whole occasion is fifteen point three billion USD.

● Forty-five million people host a party, and over 69 million plan to attend a party event to celebrate the Superbowl.

● Millennials are estimated to spend about $123 each on the event – the most significant age category to spend.

The Superbowl has the potential to raise your income significantly and ensure that you can get the very best when it comes to selling food items and supplies to consumers.

Consumers spend cash galore, and 14.8 billion is the total amount consumers spend on the event! This spending doesn’t occur all at once; it is gradual, and shoppers begin to spend at least a week before the event.

That means that a huge chunk of customers starts to shop. It offers you a huge potential to entice customers to purchase your items. If you create offers and promotions and build up some hype about the event, you will maximize your revenue with the occasion!

Grocery and clothing are the main items purchased for the event. Grocery sales are increased so much because food and drinks are required in bulk, in a short space of time.


Create Nostalgia And Win Big On The Superbowl

Groceries like napkins, paper cups, and food are all in-demand. If you look in the local vicinity and places close to the super bowl teams, it is impossible to see a grocery store or a food outlet offering deliveries that don’t use the Superbowl to market!


SuperBowl Advertising Is Huge!

Put it this way you would not pass by on the chance to snatch up some extra cash if you found it on the floor in the street. So likewise, you shouldn’t pass the opportunity by anything you can win on.


Popular Items Sold In The Superbowl

 Pizza companies report that Superbowl Sunday is the day of the year that they sell the most pizza. Americans rate pizza as their number one choice of food.


Crisps and Snacks

Potato chips are enormous for football games, and the Superbowl is no different. So it is no surprise that consumers that buy them also cash in on beverages to wash them down with.


Beer Beverages

There has been a massive demand for beer throughout history when events are happening. The Superbowl is no different. In the run-up to the Superbowl, beer is purchased a lot!


Chicken Is Licking!

 Yes, chicken is the preferred go-to snack when people watch the Superbowl. Of course, chicken wings are served with beer to wash down. Buffalo wings and all types of sauces dips make it out of the grocery stores and restaurants.



The old saying “You got to be in to win.” is very applicable to the Superbowl game. You literally cannot afford not to invest a chunk of advertising profits in winning back revenue for the game.

Preparation in advance is all you need, and if you are already on an online marketplace application, it is time to start to invest in some clever deals to entice the fans to begin to purchase your wares before the big game comes around.

The rule of thumb here is never to underestimate the power of the Superbowl and its effect on the consumer.

If you are not already offering your items on a hyperlocal marketplace, then now is the time to do so. You can get rid of things that you have had sitting in your stockroom and boost sales significantly if you play your cards right.

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