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Why the Yearly Platinum Package is the best choice for you.


Have you looked at our packages trying to find the best and most complete solution?
In this article we tell you why the Yearly Platinum Package is the best option for you.

The platinum package is the crown jewel at Ordering, in this package you will have the most complete solution for your business.

This package has the following features:

- Ordering Website: Sell all your on-demand products & services with the highest tech so far; all your customers will love to order from your system.
- Unlimited Business (One Country): handle all the businesses you have within the same country
- Ordering App (iOs & Android): Ordering Apps for your customers to order in an easy-to-use app.
- Delivery Dashboard & Delivery Apps: Have full control of your orders and monitor your drivers in one single screen Logistics Dashboard, and equip your drivers with the best Delivery App, all the orders will be delivered right on time.
- Unlimited Drivers: Use your platform with all the drivers you want.
- Entirely White Label Solution: Add your branding guidelines and make your solution entirely yours, white-label solution.
- On Store or Multi-Store: E-commerce Website for a single store or multi-store.
- White Label Business App (iOs & Android): Manage every incoming order from a device in just a few taps, perfect for your business owners.
- Open Source · Front End Code: Make your solutions dream, come true, with the front-end code you can make it look exactly the way you need it to.

Highlights about this package comparing to the rest of our packages.

1.- This package being yearly, you'll save 34% comparing it to monthly packages, which is $2,400 USD that you can be investing in your business growth.

2.- This package includes the React Ordering Website.
React JS one of the best tech stacks for building dynamic & engaging web interfaces and triumphs over other javascript frameworks like angular and ember.

Some of the benefits are:
- Easy to use, developer-friendly.
- Reusable components, time-saving.
- Established a Vibrant ecosystem of Developer tools.
- Unique Abstraction Layer, users can't access the complex internals.

The cost of the React Ordering Website is $ 999 USD Yearly (if you are already a customer).

3.- But that's not all, by buying the platinum package you will have extra benefits that you would have to pay for separately. This will present you with significant savings.


That's right, by hiring the platinum package you will have all our power ups that must be purchased separately, together, all of our power ups cost more than $ 10,000 USD.

Analytics, logistics, marketing & sales, communication, management, payment gateways and custom work.

Get the complete solution at the best price.

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So now you know, if what you want is the most complete solution, the platinum package is the option for you. We invite you to book a meeting with one of our Ordering Heroes, they can guide you through the process to choose the best option for you.

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