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Why Ordering?

by Ordering, on May 11, 2021 5:36:56 PM

Simple! High technology, excellent design, and lovely customer service.

Allappsconnected-min is an All-IN-ONE solution for any On-Demand Delivery business.

We are not only an Online Ordering Website and Native Apps but also, Driver Apps, Auto-assignment of orders with AI, Real-time tracking, Self-kiosks, Call-center, WhatsApp Ordering integration, Bots for Ordering and a POS interface.

All connected in the same place and 100% customizable.
You can sell any type of product on the same platform or buy different platforms for different products. (Groceries, Jewelry, Clothing, Auto Parts, etc.)
Below we show you the benefits that ordering has to offer you:

1- Use all of the features & power-ups available for your business, only the highest tech for you.
- Point of Sale & Phone Orders.
- Auto-Assignment Drivers.
- Multi-Language Web & Apps.
- Real-Time Driver Tracking.
- Advanced Report Heat Map.
- Up-Selling for Website & Apps.

2- Our clean and elegant design.
We know how important design is when working on an online platform.

We believe that design is the calling card of your business.

3- System improvements never stop.
We work every day to improve each of our products and we have developed a "roadmap" where you can see everything we are doing.

We are extremely fast and focused on high-quality features and enhancements.

You will be delighted with the improvements that you will be receiving for free and constant.
4- Our customer service.
Since we work with technology and software for large companies and franchises, we understand that problems with services can arise.

5- Our customer support is always on the lookout to solve it as soon as possible.
We have live chat agents 6 days a week to help you answer your questions and we also have support staff available 5 days a week who will answer the tickets you send us at any time in less than 24 hours.
6- Custom Development Service
We understand that sometimes the needs of your project are special at a higher level and for that we also have a solution.

We can customize any of our products for you.

We can create, edit and modify any of our features in any of our products.

7- Our Guarantee
In all custom jobs and products, you will always be protected by our support and error correction team. This is a great advantage for your company because you will not have unexpected expenses. That is why so many clients, especially entrepreneurs, choose us. No additional cost, no hidden fees. 100% transparent.
¡Stop paying commissions and start generating profits!
Whether you sell food, groceries, or auto parts, being in the e-commerce world is one of the things you'll have to do to stay in business.
Keep growing your business; this solution is 100% ready for you.


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