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Why must you be ready to sell your Native Apps in the Big events?

Why-must-you-be-ready-to-sell-your-Native-Apps-in-the-Big-events-minWith significant events coming up, you probably wonder how they influence your online sales. 

Or maybe you do not have your business up and running just yet? In this article, we will get into some statistics and why you should invest in launching before the big Super Bowl Day! 

Despite the statistical drop in organized parties since the pandemic, the numbers show that the event did not lose much in online food ordering sales. 

In 2021, there was an estimated $13.9 billion in nationwide Super-Bowl-related spending, with the most significant of the expenses coming from food and beverages, at 77%, according to NFR. 

The biggest franchises experienced last year’s Superbowl (Big Event) to be the busiest time of the year. For example, Pizza Hut delivered an estimated 1.4 million pizzas during the Superbowl Sunday. 


Why is this even such a great opportunity for launching?

Consistent use of food ordering apps

Without a doubt, the number one products that will skyrocket in terms of sales are foods and beverages. The pandemic has influenced the nature of Super Bowl parties. 

However, the consumption of food and drinks remains the same. Whether the viewers are at a party or in a close group of friends, ordering applications will be in use throughout the day. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your app out there and collect data.


Collect traffic and reviews

As mentioned above, food ordering apps are not going anywhere. If you are new on the market, it is a perfect opportunity to generate traffic and collect data. 

Since Super Bowl day is considered one of the busiest times of the year for food ordering apps,  people will hunt for special deals and have the time to go through the options. 

This means that your new app has better chances to pop up and be noticed. Take advantage of this opportunity and collect as much data as possible on the traffic you generated on that day. It will help you improve features, functionality and visual design, and your order management systems.  


Test out your features

Since the game makes it one of the busiest days of the year for food ordering apps, it is also a great time to ‘test drive’ your app. If you have your drivers, you can check how they cope during busy times. 

You can also check whether you have enough inventory and if your employees are appropriately trained to handle large numbers of orders all at once. Having this type of data at hand will give you an excellent indication of potential changes to make to your application. 


Opportunity to launch limited-time offers

Whether you run a restaurant, an online marketplace, or a franchise, Big events are a fantastic opportunity for limited-time campaigns. 

Events such as the Super Bowl are a great chance to encourage potential customers to download your Native App and order directly. If you choose flexible software that includes a customized design, you can use unique banners, photos, and videos promoting your app. 

One way to draw customers to purchase directly is by offering membership perks—for example, discounts for minimum orders, free delivery, Super Bowl party packages, etc. 


Mobile usability is what makes the sales

Since people nowadays will focus more on celebrating the Superbowl or any significant event with close friends and immediate family, more so than going to important events, mobile ordering will continue to be on the rise. That is why all business owners must step up their mobile games. 

An excellent Native Mobile App will increase your website’s accessibility and ease of navigation, making the ordering process fast and straightforward. Select the right software provider, such as Ordering, who will ensure that your app works fast and seamlessly. 

Your ordering application should be fully customizable, too, to visually represent your brand. 


Wrapping up

Whether you are just starting or an established brand on the market, having a great mobile application will increase your chances of making great sales during the Superbowl. 

Before taking your idea further, choose a unique software that will be compatible with your brand and meet all of your expectations in terms of customization and others. 

Check out Ordering! Their platform is a great option, for any business size, and offers many features that can be easily set up in less than a week. You still have plenty of time ahead to get ready for the big weekend and show off your brand new Native App. 


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