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Why Do D2C Brands Need to Invest in Their Delivery?

Why Do D2C Brands Need to Invest in Their Delivery_-min (1)

Direct-to-consumer is an increasingly popular online business model, that focuses on selling and delivering a product or service directly to the customer, without collaborating with third-party providers. 

However, the best-selling point that differentiates third-party providers from direct platforms is often the logistics and reliability of delivery.

The number one pain point of customers ordering online is that their order will not get there on time or that is going to get mixed up and not delivered as it should. That is the reason why D2C platforms should invest a having an excellent delivery system that is going to outshine the competition. 


Why is delivery so important? 

Staying competitive 

With so many large retailers and third-party providers, being an independent brand requires a lot of effort, in terms of finding a way to break through. Delivery can be a good starting point, in order to differentiate and make your brand stand out online.

The downside of large third-party retailers is that the number of orders is overwhelming, and it is nearly impossible for them to be error-free.

This creates a gap in the customer experience, that a D2C company can fulfill, as a strategic move to stand out with their delivery logistics


Loyal customers 

In order to acquire a base of loyal customers and positive reviews, it is important to keep the level of delivery service as consistent as possible.

The delivery should be seamless and easy to monitor for a customer through the ordering application.

In addition to that, the customer should be able to contact the restaurant directly, in order to solve any potential errors as fast as possible. This consistency and reliability of service is what is going to boost your reviews and generate the longevity of your business. 


How to set up an excellent delivery system?

Selecting the right number of drivers 

It is important to have a great system, that is going to provide you with accurate data on the orders so that you can accurately estimate the number of drivers that you will need to hire.

Having too many drivers would obviously result in high costs, however, if the numbers are too low the quality and time of delivery may suffer.

Therefore, it is critical to analyze the customer data on your D2C platform and make sure that the estimated number of drivers is correct. 

Order management system 

Having a great order management system with an administrative dashboard is a must if you want to upgrade your delivery game!

A good software provider should be able to give you an overview of all the pending, completed, and canceled orders so that you minimize the errors and do not miss a single order.

Having an organized system will facilitate more accurate estimation of how long each order takes to get delivered, and which products should be prioritized,  especially in the food delivery industry. 


Accurate real-time tracking 

Customers nowadays want to be a part of the process, when it comes to their delivery. Visibility and transparency are what make them feel connected with the brand and have more trust in it.

When choosing a software provider for your D2C delivery business, be sure to find one that offers accurate maps and real-time tracking for your delivery operation.

This feature will allow you to be on top of every order, as well as be competitive with large third-party providers like Uber Eats or DoorDash. Having an accurate, real-time map of the city where you are operating. 


Push notifications

Another significant aspect of having an excellent delivery system in place is enabling push notifications.

This feature makes the customer feel involved and well-informed throughout the entire delivery process.

Similar to real-time tracking, push notifications make the experience more transparent and allow the viewer to be a part of the process. 


Offer same-day delivery 

Retailers are increasingly offering the option of same-day delivery since it creates a hyper-local experience for the customer, who gets discouraged by waiting for a product.

This feature is particularly important for businesses that operate in large cities, where stationery shops are widely accessible.

On the same day, on-demand delivery creates a competitive advantage that can win a customer over a big-scale online shop. 


Upgrade your delivery game today! 

Try out a software provider, like Ordering, and get the most out of your online ordering platform. 

You do not need to be an expert in tech or a designer, to be able to modify your design and content.

You can get your website and application set up in less than a week, and expect to be provided with an excellent order management system and the most accurate delivery real-time tracking! With a platform, like Ordering, you can be sure to stay competitive and provide your customers with an excellent and reliable delivery experience.