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Why a Restaurant Should Create Restaurant App Software

by Ordering, on Jan 16, 2018 3:57:58 AM

WhyARestaurantShouldCreateRestaurantAppSoftware - 1-min

For Android & iOS

There are many third-party app developers that will license software to restaurants to use for their service, but for some, these programs may not be enough, or they may prefer a more specialized app. This leads many to create restaurant app programs that better suit their needs. With custom apps, restaurants are able to increase their visibility, better serve their customers, increase revenue and add their own flair to a unique program.

Increase Visibility

Having an app for a restaurant is one of the best ways to display a brand outside of straight advertising. Just having an app often isn’t the most efficient option because custom apps are much more easily associated with a single establishment.
Having a custom restaurant app will help it to stand out in a sea of similar programs, especially those that use common platforms. In addition to apps being easily accessed, adding features such as rewards programs and discounts may be used to encourage users of the app to bring additional business through frequent orders and word of mouth.

Enhance Customer Service

Restaurant apps place customers and curious individuals in direct contact with the restaurant itself, and while it isn’t a person-to-person interaction, it could potentially be even more helpful. Apps that include menus, operating times, specials, contact information and other up-to-date details on the restaurant are incredibly convenient to customers.
Customers also appreciate the ability to place and track orders through their smartphone by a few flicks of a finger across the screen. This helps to simplify the ordering process, makes the process much more convenient and reduces potential errors.

Boost Sales

Not all apps provide for remote ordering, but even basic apps should include menus and pricing for potential customers to be able to browse offerings before arrival. For the best service in an app, the ability to place orders as well will significantly add to the number of customers who can be served, as these orders can be placed at the customer’s leisure. Remote ordering also allows more customers to be served over any given period of time.

Greater Personalization

When a restaurant creates an app, it provides that establishment with the ability to include and exclude whichever particular functions will be most beneficial. It also gives the restaurant much better control over the entire look and feel of the app. On the business side, it can be made as easy to modify, update and maintain as is necessary. Instead of relying on a third-party provider, placing the restaurant in charge of its own technical support can be significant in the overall function of the app.
Custom-built apps for restaurants are extraordinary in terms of the ability of a restaurant to spread their image, engage with customers, increase order volume and offer a unique experience. While many licensed apps already on the market are sufficient for the average restaurant, having a personalized app can be a game changer in a market where brand recognition, information, and convenience are paramount.



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