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What's the most sold item during the Superbowl?


Did you sell something during the Superbowl game?  If you're an online eCommerce business owner looking to take advantage of this busy period and increase your sales, this article is for you.

Whether you are a startup or a well-established franchise,  you are probably well aware that the food and beverage on-demand delivery skyrockets during this time.

However, other popular items make the ‘most purchased’ category aside from the snacks and drinks.


What products are keeping their place on this year’s Superbowl list?


Of course, food and drinks are the number one item to make huge sales that day. The winner of Superbowl online deliveries is Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza usually delivered an average of 2 million pies on that day, which is up 30% compared to their usual sales.

Last year’s data showed that the estimated number of pizza orders was 12.5 million. As the data shows, convenient online food delivery is an incredible opportunity during Superbowl Sunday.


Chicken Wings

The wings are the second most popular food item during the game weekend. For example, Fat Brands, which owns Hurricane Grill & Wings, Buffalo’s Café, and Buffalo’s Express, sells half a million chicken wings during the Super Bowl event.

Despite the pandemic, and the reductions in poultry production, the chicken wings and drum stick consumption was estimated to be a record high and equal to 1.42 billion last year.



Beverages are also the number one most purchased item during the Superbowl game. Of course, snacks and pizzas do not taste the same without a cold beer right out of the fridge. 2020 was the last Superbowl event before the big shutdown.

Despite venues not selling beverages with their profit margins, the overall sales did not go down in 2021.

Last year, beer accounted for $1.2 billion in sales during the Superbowl, compared to $517 million for soft drinks and $226 million for whiskey. Beer is the winner in terms of the number of orders.

If you are starting an on-demand online food delivery, this is an excellent opportunity for package deals. A fixed amount for beer and a snack is a guaranteed win since these are two of the most popular items.


This one might be a little surprising to some,  but a big part of Superbowl e-commerce is electronics, especially TV screens.

Since the pandemic, many people skipped parties and large event venues and focused on throwing their parties at home. As a result of this trend, there has been a significant increase in TVs sales.

Many Americans used this weekend as an excuse to purchase a larger TV screen. According to the 2020 stats, TV sales increased by 20% and equaled 48.4 million displays. The most popular model in the premium category was the LG 77-inch Smart OLED TV.



Of course, aside from all the snacks and beverages, we must not forget how NFL fans love to dress up and support their team!

With a favorite player’s name, the apparel is considered a necessity for Superbowl lovers. According to NRF, 11% of the total retail sales are NFL apparel and accessories.

Aside from the online sales, statistics show that the attendees will spend an average of 80 dollars on clothing at the actual stadium.

Decorations for the organized parties amounted to 5% of the total sales on the Superbowl Sunday last year. Also, an upcoming trend is the DIY football decorations that have become very popular in the previous few years.

DIY sets, and blog posts on how to make them, is the way to go for this year’s Superbowl. If you have a functioning product website and ordering application, having high-quality content and backlinks that lead to product pages is a strategy that should be considered.


Wrapping up

If you are already running an on-demand delivery or eCommerce business, or you’re about to start one, Superbowl is undoubtedly the time to do so!

Before the big game, you should look into finding the right software provider that will get you up and running fast and get your platforms set up efficiently for you to maximize your sales.

As mentioned above, the most purchased items, including snacks, beer, chicken products, pizza, and apparel, will continue to be on the rise this year as well.

The key to success has an excellent delivery and order management system to deliver fast despite the increased demand.

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