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What's New in Ordering 31st May

Did you miss last week's video premiere where we announced our new releases?

Do not worry! In this article, you will find out everything new we have for you.

New Releases:

1- React Orders Dashboard "Sorting orders and available drivers"

We have added the filter by order ID, now you can search an order by its number. Also, now you can assign available drivers to an order easily in just a few clicks.

2- Update icons for new order status

All your React Website Icons have a new look!

We just updated the icons for new order status. Now your customers can see them changing in real-time.

3- Stock management on products for shared menus and shared categories · Biggest Launch

This is an enhancement for your Shared Menus Functionality. Now you have the possibility of modifying the price, the number of articles, upselling, and making them available or out of inventory individually in each business, without modifying the status in the others.

We also made some bug fixing:

- Pre Orders don't arrive with correct order status: Fixed! 
- White Label & Dynamic business types on My Store section. Fixed! 
- Re-Order Option was not working: Fixed! 

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As always, Happy Ordering!