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What makes a good online ordering system for a food Franchise?

What makes a good online ordering system for a food Franchise-minFor new and returning customers, a food ordering system of a brand is the extension of their real-life service, and should be equally excellent!

What makes a good online ordering system is a subjective topic since ‘best’ means something different for every business owner. However, creating value for the customer is what matters at the end of the day. 

Regardless of what products the food franchise wants to deliver, the consistent quality both online and offline is what every business owner should be looking for when selecting their online ordering system.


Why are franchises moving towards independent platforms? 

Nowadays, access to high-tech software has become easier than ever, allowing franchisees to become independent and make their websites and applications as complex as third-party marketplace providers, such as Uber Eats. 


Functional order management system

The key to success for every franchise is quality control and seamless operation management. Maintaining the same quality of products on a large scale, regardless of the number of orders, can only be possible with a seamless system

Food franchises have to deal with more than one location at a time, and the order management system should be clear, transparent, and fast enough for staff members to be able to operate it quickly and deliver the expected quality. 


Adaptability to different locations  

What distinguishes a franchise from a small business is the fact that it is available to a much broader scope of customers, who are often international and have a wider range of needs and expectations when ordering food online. 

Building an outstanding customer experience online as a franchise means being adaptable. Having several language options on the ordering website and app, providing payment methods that suit customers in a particular location, or adapting menu options to match every location’s most popular choices.

Having those features in place will make every food franchise look more inviting and accessible, encouraging customers to order directly, regardless of their location. 


Free Trial period 

As a franchise, choosing software for your online ordering system, is a very big step and an essential strategic decision. Make sure that you select wisely, and pick software that allows a free trial

Take your time, and test out all the features using live demos, so that you can determine whether the software is a right fit for your business, and includes all the elements that you are looking for. 


Custom features 

Distinctive branding and a consistent experience, regardless of the location, is what makes or breaks a food franchise. The in-store experience is one of a kind and incorporates all senses, such as smell and visuals. It goes without saying that every franchise wants to take this experience online as much as possible, but not everyone does it successfully. 

As a food franchise, it is particularly important to have an online order management system that allows full customization in terms of features and visuals. Since the quality and standardization of your products are of the utmost importance,  you cannot skip on the features or branding elements that are distinctive for your franchise.


Excellent mobile application 

Internet users spend as much as  5 hours a day on their phones, and 70% of all online searches and web traffic comes from mobile. When deciding on software that will serve as a vessel between you and the customer, make sure to provide an immersive experience on all screen sizes, including desktop and mobile versions. 

A requirement that your provider should meet is a very easy-to-navigate mobile application, for IOS and Android. The features of the mobile application should include full customization of design and extensions, easy ordering, and real-time delivery tracking with push notifications, to interact with your customer throughout the entire journey. 


Social media integrations 

The number of monthly active users on Facebook is roughly 2.89 billion.  As a franchise owner, there is a high chance that the majority of your current and potential customers do have an account. 

Implementing social media integrations into your online ordering platforms is going to facilitate the sign-up or login process, highly reducing the time it takes for a new customer to enter their information. As a result, your system is going to be a lot more accessible, user-friendly, and speedy!

Aside from the login process, ordering through widely used communication apps such as WhatsApp is another way to surprise your customers, making their ordering process fun and easy. 

WhatsApp's integration allows your customers to order their favorite dish within a few clicks, through an app that they are on every day. Special chatbots, designed to communicate back and take detailed orders, work even better than a drive-through! 


If you are looking to find the best online ordering system for your franchise, check out Ordering.co.

Their system is fully customizable and offers a trial period. Many big franchise brands like Starbucks and KFC are already using them for their platforms.