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Top Features of an Online Restaurant Ordering System

If you are looking for the right tools to enhance your business with e-commerce technology, you've come to the right place, welcome and enjoy.
Products According to Menus & Schedules (Real-time updates)
Imagine you just launched 3 new dishes which will change the way you sell and you need to show them to your food lovers, with this platform it’ll just take a few clicks to let them know you have a new delicious, tasteful dish, in the past that took a lot of time, and as we said, that's the past.

Now with just a few clicks, you can modify your Menus, products, pictures, prices & much more, in less than 5 minutes, I am sure they will love your services and effectiveness on the field.
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Best Performance & Clean Website · Ordering Website
You eat with your eyes first, and this is a fact, I am sure you and I wouldn’t order by looking at a pixel pizza with brown pepperonis or a very small chicken.
If your customers look at good pictures of products on your website, they will order with no second thoughts, that is why your Website must have the best pictures all around town.
Totally Responsive, Fast and over-performing all the time.
The online restaurant Ordering system is 100% Synced Platform, and it’s one of the best available features that are available in the marketplace. 
Ordering Website
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100% Synced Platform
Your Apps, your Ordering Editor, your Ordering Website, Delivery Dashboard, Ordering Builder & all the incoming Ordering Products are totally in perfect synchronize to allow your final customers, Business Owners & Drivers the best experience on Apps ever.
This is how it goes:
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Order, Receive Orders & Deliver them through Apps
Nowadays everyone uses Apps to control the Stores & mostly sell Products.
With Ordering, you have the Control of your Stores from your Business App, the possibility of your customers purchase through an app with Ordering App, & the drivers will never get lost again with the Drivers App.
With these 3 Apps, I am sure the success of your business will require less time & money investment.
Delivery App · Ordering App · Business App
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Control Orders with Eagle Eyes
With your Delivery Dashboard stop wasting time calling each driver at a time.
Now you are able to follow up the Drivers on the screen live, assign orders, change status, drivers status, this will change the way you do delivery.
Just like the Pros do delivery.
Ordering |  Delivery Dashboard and delivery zone
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Any Kind of Business Supported
From Laundry to Food, Groceries to Alcohol.
It won’t matter, this platform will fit any business you are going to start today, all you need to do is change some images, texts & colors, that is it, you will start selling anything you need in less than 24 hours.
The possibilities are endless.
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