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Top 5 features that make your online tutoring marketplace stand out

Top 5 features that make your online tutoring marketplace stand out-1
Education is the be-all and end-all of life. 

The correct certification and tutoring can enable you to obtain employment in organizations that set you up for life. Therefore, good tutoring is highly in demand, and as with everything now, even tutoring is online! 

Online tutoring is a multi-billion dollar business around the globe. Anyone studying needs to further their knowledge and seek the help of trustworthy tutors via online sources. When the pandemic kicked in, education turned towards the internet even more. We saw graduations, parent tutor meetings, and complete classes taking their lessons worldwide. 

The concept of education changed quickly, and tutors adapted to the whole online idea with great ease. So if you are considering jumping onto the entire online tutoring bandwagon, before you do so, ensure that you have all the correct facilities available to offer on your online platform with interactive tools and facilities to make learning fun! 

This article covers the top five tools you need to have on your online tutoring platform to offer students and teachers the very best when it comes to learning and educating. 


Signing Up And Logging In Should Be Simple 

How many websites have you bypassed joining up simply because the process of signing up seemed very complicated or raised red flags with too many questions and personal information boxes that needed to be answered? 

Be sure that you have a sign-up page that requests the information required. Name and phone number- email contact, etc. - keeps the sign-up process short and sweet and doesn't complicate matters. 

Also, it is ideal for offering options to sign in through other social media platforms. The easier it is to access, the more tutors and students will use your online learning and educating platform.


Create An Easy Search Process

When making the platform, it is necessary to have developers create one that allows students to locate tutors based on their personal preferences. 

So, providing a search facility based on expertise, their feedback, and reviews from past students, and their location will be highly beneficial. 

Sometimes students prefer a specific nationality; for example, when searching for an English tutor, they prefer to go with a native English educator. 

The easier the search options are, the simpler it is to choose a suitable tutor and begin the learning process. 


An Adequate Feedback Rating System

A platform online allows users to leave feedback and provide ratings, which is invaluable. However, all people have is the word of others. You won't be able to tell if it is good, bad, or worth parting with your cash to hire specific tutors. 

However, if you offer users the chance to read what past students have written about tutors, users of the online platform will have confidence in the system. Allowing your users to contribute to feedbacks and ratings is invaluable. 

It also offers room for improvement for both parties. Credibility is vital on online platforms where face-to-face meetings are not possible.  


Notifications In Real-Time 

The marketplace you offer to users should provide alerts and notifications in real-time. Messages about class timings, reminders for lessons, rescheduled classes, and deadlines for work should be clear and concise. It is vital to offer this type of system to ensure that users can get the very best out of the learning platform on offer. Notifications work well for both students and teachers. 


Easy To Read Analytics 

One of the critical factors that enable owners of online marketplaces to grow and increase productivity is to offer clear and concise analytics for the owners to see. 

Data allows you to get a deeper insight into how well you perform, your users' base, and the average spending per person. It also enables you to see the areas that need improvement and those that don't. 

When you have the correct tools and ideas implemented, an exceptional online learning marketplace is possible, and you will be able to set yourself apart from competitors and gain a good reputation that sticks around for years to come.


Nowadays, it is all about reputation and name. 

Once you have an established reputation and become known for offering a platform that enables people to study online or offer tutoring lessons with ease, you will stand out, and people will return to you time and time again. 

Without education, the world would be dull, so that an online learning platform can be very lucrative and a great source of learning for students and tutors alike. Education is the key to a bright future. 

It is one of the foundations of life that will set the concrete in place for the future. Be sure to consider all of the factors listed in this article beforehand.