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Top 10 ordering software for franchises

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Are you the owner of a food franchise seeking a more effective approach to selling online? Choosing the correct software for implementing an online ordering platform is the most essential and influential decision you can make.

When it comes to technology, franchises have significantly different requirements than individual restaurant owners.

What is important for a franchise is the server's capacity to handle large volumes, great order management, speed, and generating a unique online experience for your clients that is comparable to the one in-house. In this post, we will look at ten software providers who provide franchise-friendly products. 



Ordering.co is probably one of the best high-tech software solutions out there when it comes to franchises. It is also reasonably priced considering the impressive variety of features that it provides.

Ordering offers an exceptional order management solution that enables extensive customer data analysis and inventory management. The dashboard provides a quick overview of the whole operation, from pending and completed orders, to real-time driver delivery tracking with push notifications. 

Additionally, the Native Apps and Ordering website is completely customizable, allowing you to add a multitude of integrations, features, payment options, and graphics to truly represent your brand.

Amazon Web Services server has an impressive uptime of 99.99999 %, ensuring that your programs always work as expected, and you can completely rely on it, even during busy hours. Overall, it is a great choice for franchises. 



Appendix is an established expert in mobile applications. One of their biggest attributes is that they offer a wide range of mobile app services specific to each industry.

For example, flower delivery, cleaning services, food delivery, and more. Whatever industry you are in, you can expect to find features suited for your particular business model.

They are well-suited for bigger companies and franchises. Aside from the actual software, the company also offers services like digital marketing, graphic design, and CMS Development. 



This software company is focused solely on restaurant businesses.

Their offers included a branded mobile application, included restaurant website builder, and a table booking system.

The company’s purpose focuses on reducing the delivery and commission costs for restaurants and making them independent of third-party platforms.

They also include features like loyalty programs, table ordering with QR codes, and more. 


Foodesoft is a platform that specializes in providing applications similar to UberEats, for customers who are interested in following a similar, marketplace-type business model.

However, they also have a great selection of features for franchises, such as Delivery Apps, Order management, Auto dispatch, and more. 



Purchase a whole business suite to manage and coordinate many restaurant operations. Take ownership of your outlet's activities and create an online presence for your business.

With a variety of features, restaurant owners may accept and deliver food orders at a low cost by using customized websites and mobile applications.

They will accommodate any customization ideas you have, and add some flavor to your food delivery system. Mobile applications and a white-labeled website, customized features, and assisted installation. 



Company that creates on-demand food delivery apps. They offer complete food ordering solutions such as on-demand food delivery applications, restaurant online ordering systems, and food ordering chatbots.


Code Brew 

Similar to previous companies, Code Brew mostly specializes in ‘cloning’ the most sought-after food marketplaces. However, they also present a decent portfolio and can help set up an online ordering platform for your franchise.

They provide your franchise, with a hands-on marketing plan that creates excitement for your brand & raises your sales graph exponentially. UI/UX Designing, SEO,  Content Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, and more. 



LimeTray's large variety of enterprise software solutions will make it simple to handle your operations, marketing, and management functions. This includes a cloud POS and complete end-to-end operations management across all outlets of your enterprise across cities. Track all punch-ins, billing, cash management, and more.


Cloud Waitress

Cloud waitress is an online ordering and reservations system. Aside from providing an online website an application, menu builder, discounts, and customer accounts, they can also help your franchise in-store by making reservations, menu QR codes, and staff accounts.


This company offers a wide range of services to fit any type of business, regardless of size. They develop complex, enterprise-level apps, website design, and development, and UX/UI design, like framing, prototyping, content creation, and process development planning for your product.


Choosing the correct software for your franchise can take a while, as you need to evaluate all the options out there and deceit what is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for your business. The most important features to keep in mind are: 

  • Reliable, detailed order management system.

  • Real-time order and delivery tracking.

  • The excellent, usable interface is pleasant to use by every customer.

  • Customizable features that will bring the best out of your brand.

  • Speed and reliability of the server.


Do not wait to bring your vision to life and bring a successful franchise online.