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Top 10 E-commerce Tips.

Have you just started your e-commerce business? Here we present the top 10 tips that Ordering has for you to start generating money.

1- Make your website visually appealing.

Your entire website should be very visually appealing. Product pages should have multiple product images showcasing different angles and uses. Your homepage should have an attention grabbing banner image that allows the customer to picture themselves with the product.

2- Find an e-commerce brand to look up to.

When starting out it’s important to seek a mentor. You can join communities to seek advice on occasion. However, the most effective way to succeed is to find an e-commerce brand you aspire to be like and model your brand after them.

3- Be specific with your product categories so customers can easily find exact products.

In the early stages when you only have 15 products it can be tempting to lump all of your products into generic categories. However, as you grow your store, you’ll want to be a bit more specific in your product categorization.

4- Talk to your customers and get to know their needs.

Building relationships with customers is time consuming but really important to do. A simple thing I do to get better insight into my customers is email them individually. I’ll manually email each customer and ask them how they’re enjoying the product they purchased, if there are any other types of products they wish our store had and if there’s any type of blog content they’d like to learn more about in the niche.

5- Make sure you have up-sell offers. 

Getting your first sale can be very exciting. However, if you have up-sell offers on all of your products from day one, you prevent missing out on easy sales. Customers who already have their credit card out are a lot easier to sell more products to than trying to attract new customers. 

6- Add your discount codes to a discount code site.

For many online shoppers, product price matters. They’ll use tools and apps to find discount codes to save even more money. You should always price your products high enough that you can afford to give a discount to customers without taking a loss.

7- Automate as much of your business as possible.

The more of your business you can automate, the more time you’ll have to focus on generating sales or living a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. Be the store owner, not the employee.

8- Don't compete on price.

One of the most important e-commerce tips is that you have to stay profitable no matter what. Don’t fall into the trap of out-pricing your competition, it’s a losing battle. 

9- Make shopping online easier.

The next important e-commerce tip is to take the steps to make online shopping easy for your customers. Make your website easy to navigate. Add product reviews so that customers can feel confident in their purchase. Ensure your images and copy represent the product accurately. Offer payment gateways that are trusted and popular. Have your site speed tested to ensure quick load times. Remove items that are out of stock. Add pages that’ll provide value to your customers such as shipping and return details.

10- Make sure your store is finished before you start selling.

It’s important to make sure your website is optimized to ensure that you land sales. Having a finished store, will allow your customers to feel confident purchasing from your new store.