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The Ultimate Guide to Launch a Meat Delivery Service

The Ultimate Guide to Launch a Meat Delivery Service-min (1)

The grilling season is coming up, and so is the opportunity to launch a fresh meat delivery service. Online meat delivery may have seemed like a luxury reserved for gifts, weddings, or special occasions in the past.

However, with so many online grocery shopping and delivery services available online, on-demand meat ordering is now an amazing solution for families or friends to get burgers, hot dogs, and other items for dinner or a get-together, without ever leaving the house. 

What tools do you need in order to excel in an online meat-delivery service


Quality of ingredients 

Nowadays, the first thing that people look at when ordering any kind of food online is the transparency of ingredients.

When building an online platform, you should make sure to provide your customer with enough information to make them feel assured and secure about where the meat is coming from. What are your best practices?

What kind of requirements do your suppliers need to fulfill in order to end up on your shelf? Those are some of the questions that you should consider before partnering with any supplier. 


Visually pleasant and informative platforms

When you walk into a meat shop, the first thing you do is look at the meat and examine it in terms of freshness, color, and smell. However, buying meat online can be a gamble, and you can never be fully sure if it is going to arrive fresh and well-sourced.

Having an online meat delivery service, you should also invest in presenting your product visually, through features such as photos, as well as videos showing how the meat is kept and maintained behind closed doors, and what procedures your team follows to ensure the highest safety and quality. 

In addition to choosing the right supplier, you should also consider implementing a feature that allows a customer to contact you directly.

Having a live chat or WhatsApp integration provides your customers with the feeling that they can access you at any point in time, and ask questions about your products. This will give them the feeling of transparency, trustworthiness, and engagement from your end, building a reputable online brand. 


Order management system 

Since fresh meat is a fragile product and has to be kept in very hygienic, low-temperature conditions, managing your orders accurately is essential for the operation.

The mean cannot be kept outside the fridge and once orders get mixed up, you cannot return or exchange the product at any point in time.

Having an excellent online CRM, with a clear and detailed dashboard, allows you to monitor every pending, completed, and incomplete order, minimizing the error rate and making sure that you do not lose any of the inventory.


Customer data collection 

Having access to historical data also provides you with the opportunity to monitor the customer’s purchasing behavior and spending patterns, allowing you to make predictions for the future and stock up just the right amount.

Analyzing data and patterns not only helps you to monitor your inventory spending, but also dramatically improves customer service, as the orders are being delivered on time, and the number of errors is reduced to the minimum. 


Real-time delivery tracking. 

Time is of the essence when it comes to meat delivery, as nothing is more important than freshness. Real-time delivery tracking allows your customers to get a glimpse inside the process and make sure that their meat is getting delivered straight from the fridge.

It is crucial to show your customers that the product is not sitting around, especially during warm temperatures, and is being handled carefully and delivered as fast as possible. 


Find the right software, and you are ready to go! 

If you are not sure where to start your meat-delivery business journey, start by selecting software that will help you to set up a successful business.

A platform such as Ordering, is an excellent tool when it comes to providing customizable features and a transparent overview of the process for both, staff and the end customer.

You are going to not only be provided with an excellent order management dashboard that provides a full overview of your inventory, products, sales and customer data, and marketing analysis. 

In addition, you can create an exceptional brand, by visually presenting the quality of your products through videos, photos, and detailed information on where the meat comes from. 

Once you are ready to sell, real-time delivery tracking makes it possible to track the whole operation from your shop to the customer’s doorstep.

A real-time map with push notifications not only makes the operation smoother but also engages the customer and makes them feel included and well-informed throughout the entire ordering process.

Contact one of the Ordering specialists today and let them guide you through the best options for your business.