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The Power Of Direct To Consumer Business


There have been considerable changes in the way that we market. This is demonstrated by how some brands have taken to reach their customers. 


Nowadays, wholesalers are becoming a thing of the past. 

There has been a massive change in power, and for the more traditional retailers, it has been catastrophic seeing many of them go into bankruptcy and have to close down. 

Those that haven’t been able to keep ahead of the game have suffered a lot. Many of the most successful companies that have sprung to life in the past decade are based around a direct-to-consumer module.

One that enables the consumer to obtain their goods quickly, and of course, the business to have great ease when supplying to them.

To keep ahead of the game, it's vital to understand precisely why companies are changing to direct to consumer for your business to become a successful brand.

The graveyard of companies over the past two decades has sadly been getting fuller, and it is not about to stop either until people start to understand and rectify their mistakes. 

Places like Blockbuster Video, Toys Are Us, Borders, and BHS have sadly gone into bankruptcy and had to file for chapter 11. Sadly, there is no end to the number of companies following suit. 

Hundreds more are jumping on the bankruptcy wagon, or sadly to their despair, having to downgrade and close stores down to reduce size. 

The days where large consumer packaged goods ruled the marketplace alongside department stores have gone. 

What was once a century’s old tradition leaned heavily on getting efficient relationships from suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and subsequently the distributor has gone.  

Brands such as Pepsi, Nike, Proctor and Gamble, and Unilever are phasing this out gradually, and it is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. 


It Is All About Direct To Consumer 

Nowadays, the process of customizing is a lot less third-party-dependent. The competitive results ensure that the consumer gets a more customized item. Must use more and calculated marketing methods.

As we once knew them, old stalwarts have gone and will soon be obsolete. Now, more fast-paced, relevant, and agile companies are cropping up. Companies that are suited well to thriving in the consumer market of 2022. Direct to consumers is the way to go. 

When you base your business module around a direct-to-consumer one, you effectively make sure that you can sell your items and improve your customer experience alongside your brand voice. 

It means that direct to consumer enables you to control all aspects of marketing and selling! 

You are not heavily reliant on any one source. This allows you to improve all aspects of the business and allows your brand voice to be fully enhanced to its maximum potential. 


Examples Of Successful Direct To Consumer Companies

Harrys- An online shaving company for men, was sold for 1.37 billion. 

Warby Parker, a prescription glasses company, valued over 1.75 billion.

● Casper, an online mattress store, is valued at around 1.1 billion.

●  All Birds is an online company specializing in athletic footwear valued at 2.1 billion.

Bombas, a stock company that trades online, is valued at over 15 million.

Bonobos, an online clothing retailer, got sold to Walmart for an impressive 310 million. 

A traditional supply chain consists of a supplier, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, and retailer. It involved very long drawn negotiations. 

Each stage of the delivery and production stage resulted in a very long lead time for all types of sales, including product launches and consumer feedback. Nowadays, the concept of direct to consumer has cut out. 

This process has made things a lot easier. There is no one in the middle to rely on, no retailer, and no wholesaler. This has, in turn, ensured that eCommerce has skyrocketed to a whole new level! One that some find difficult to imagine and comprehend. 

It is as easy as brainstorming a new product or service and putting it on an online platform to sell to the consumer and get reputable people to purchase the item. Within a couple of months, you will see significant results, something that could only have been dreamt about in the past. 

The possibilities of building a multimillion direct-to-consumer brand from scratch have grown and are very close to you. 


Eight Characteristics That D To C Companies Hold In Common 

● Their capital is flexible, and a portion of their operations can be leased or rented. 

● It is easy to enter the industry for them. 

●  Everyone is passionate about their consumer base. 

● Already they have the experience to harness 1st party data and view their analytics with ease. 

●  There is no middleman – shipping is direct to the consumer. 

●  Each knows how important it is to have effective CRM software in place. 

●  The pricing is much more flexible than traditional retailers. 

● They utilize the internet to market- and heavily lean on social media platforms to gain clientele. 


Although it is a significant shift for any business to make, it is most definitely worth it. Nowadays, there are a lot of online marketplaces that enable you to set up a direct-to-consumer approach.


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