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The 12 Most Important Components to Consider Before Starting an Online Marketplace

So, you plan to start on the online marketplace. Well done you! What you need to do first, though, is ensure that your marketplace app has all of the latest features required to get it off to the start it deserves. 

It will be a long road ahead, one that you will have a lot of fun. To ensure success, be sure to consider the 12 most essential components when starting up. 

Easily Navigational – Yes, there is no point in having all-singing, dancing technology, and products for sale when your customer cannot easily navigate the marketplace. The place you purchase from needs to be identifiable, the delivery section, and the payment section. Just make it as 1, 2, 3, and people will return. 

Onboarding that your customers can understand. The whole point of shopping online and purchasing items is that it is convenient and straightforward. You don't want your customers to have to type information into a system repeatedly. Make sure that the log-in is easy, that it is fast and straightforward to place an order. Also, of course, that the delivery and driving tracking system is simple too. A white label app is suitable for this. 

A Variety of Different Payment Modes- Be sure that you have a lot of different payment modes available for your customers on your ordering app. That way, you will be able to ensure that you don't miss a sale! Your customers love it when they can choose from a variety of different payment modes. You need to ensure that you can make it a secure transaction when checking out. Methods like PayPal and stripe are a must-have. Digital wallets need to be able to be easily used on your marketplace. 

Chat Support on the App- It is all about customer service and reliability. Your clients need to feel that there is someone there to answer their queries should there be an issue or a problem. It is necessary to create confidence with the consumer to get them to come back to you. In-app Support via online chat is a must-have. Many queries will come about the pickup and delivery. 

Good Search Features  When your customers search for products to purchase on your online marketplace, they need to find them easily. So make sure that the search facility that the apps for selling you go with has a good feature, which will enable them to find listings fast and effectively. This, in turn, results in more sales. 

Good Analytics – If you have an excellent analytic system in place, you can track your sales. Where your customers come from if they are repeat clients and many more things. Good analytics means more sales and the ability to know what you are selling and what you are not. This, in turn, leaves much room to improve. 

Order Scheduling- This is important for some people who lead such hectic lifestyles that they wish to order their items in advance when they have free time to do so. They won't always be at home when they place the order, so the ability to book a time slot will take your sales to the next level. Route management is crucial too. 

Easy Appointment and Delivery Software- This is a must; you will not sell if it is not running smoothly! You need to ensure that the correct estimates for deliveries and orders are given. This can only be done on a large scale with good delivery and appointment management software.

Push Notifications are also a must-have; you need to be able to grab the customer's attention. This will let you be able to get attention fast and effectively. You can also include coupons and time-sensitive promotions to encourage fast ordering before the offer runs out. 

High Security- Customers always worry about entering their payment details online. That is why you need to make sure that you have a good SSL certificate set in place. Also, of course, PCI compliance; that way, your customers will know that their safety is your number one concern. In addition, it helps you to be trusted. 

Customer Retention- You can never guarantee that you can do this, of course. However, when you have a good software in place, you will be able to store the info of those that have purchased from you before and then send them promotional offers out to encourage repeat buying. It works! 

ReviewsYou need to jump on the review bandwagon. Allow your customers to review you online. Trust pilot, Google reviews, and a review area on your app ensure that your customers know you are confident with your products. If you allow people to review publicly, then for sure, you are a winner! After all, if the service is substandard, there is nowhere to hide.

So, if you are planning on launching an online marketplace via a website, you can cash in on the e-commerce industry with great ease. The ordering! app offers last-mile delivery, on-demand delivery, and much more. You can get a free trial today!