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Starbucks Is Using The Ordering App; Why.

Starbucks chose Ordering for the online ordering business- Why (1)

Coffee is an addictive beverage, and Starbucks too many has become a daily staple. Working professionals around the globe, along with housewives, teenagers, and students alike, have become super reliant on their smoothies, coffee drinks, teas, cakes, and amazing toasties! It doesn't matter your background; everyone has heard of the global success; it is a franchise that will never grow out of fashion. 

Their brown paper bags, the green logo, and those excellent refillable containers enable you to sport the Starbucks logo in your favorite cup or bottle of choice. 

Established in 1971 in Seattle, the coffee chain needed to choose an ordering system that would work well for them and ensure that the brand name was kept intact and up to standard! After all, the whole globe knows who they are. So why did Starbucks choose Ordering, or need we even bother to ask? 


The Ordering App Works Well For Any Franchise

Ordering is a system that works well for any franchise or restaurant that offers online delivery. There is a minimal cost attached to launching the menu and absolutely no hidden fees. 

Large stores like Starbucks can reach their clientele by delivering to any address via the ordering application and providing the coffee or food directly to the eagerly awaiting customer. 

There is no reason not to want to work with Ordering. An easy-to-navigate menu for customers. An equally easily accessible stock itinerary, out-of-stock selection, and entry in the back end of the application.

It is easy for franchises like Starbucks to edit and enter festive favorites into the system and, of course, arrange the backside of the logistics. 

Once an order gets placed, the store receives it directly to the printer, and a driver will be assigned. That driver is then traceable from the application the whole time that the order is with them. 

Starbucks can keep tabs on the driver's location, where the order is- and of course, likewise for the consumer. Once the customer has placed their order, they can track the driver assigned with the delivery right down to their exact location.


Online Ordering Via The App Is A Win-Win Scenario

It is a win, win situation for everyone involved. 

Family gatherings, office meetings, schools, events all can be catered to with Starbucks deliveries. It helps to ensure that busy individuals can save more time in their day by cutting down queue time in-store; also, the restaurant staff in the franchise themselves don't have to deal with as many face-to-face clients. 

More time can be asserted into preparing other orders, ensuring that a high standard of hygiene goes into the physical store and serving system for in-house customers that dine in. Also, of course, everything is traceable after the transaction is complete. 

The accounting part of the job later on down the line is made so much simpler. Everything in print and typed into an online ordering system is easy. It simply means that old-school business as we know it needn't be! 


Franchises Can Benefit Enormously

Starbucks is, of course, not the only coffee franchise that can benefit from the ordering application; in fact, anyone that has a menu with food and beverages to offer can take full advantage of their fantastic system. 

There is online support, emails, and a great system that enables the payment to be chosen by the customer. Customers can log into the back end of the application and select their past orders, reorder, and of course, Starbucks can do the same. It is an excellent method for marketing and promotions; repeat business can be obtained by sending out emails and discount codes to past clients. The world of coffee has never been easier with the ordering app. 


Customers Can Order From Anywhere

Imagine sitting down on the beach and being able to place an order for Starbucks! Or, being out in the mall and seeing that your favorite Starbucks shop is packed full of customers with long queues and no seats to sit down on, which happens a lot in busy periods. Instead, you can pay a small fee for delivery and have the beverage delivered directly to you. 

There is no need to queue, no need to bother yourself finding a table- and the whole feeling of being able to order your favorite menu items from your comfort zone, in this case, your mobile phone, adds a whole new experience to your life! 

Starbucks chose wisely with the ordering application, and you too can do just that. There is no time like the present to jump on board and utilize what major franchises already are. You can increase orders, reach new clientele, and of course, hit sales targets that you never before could have dreamed of doing when in-house Ordering was the only mode of business. 

Also, of course, there are days when the weather is cold and frosty, and the road conditions outside are not so appealing. So allow the delivery driver to do the leg work and collect your order for you while you spend your time elsewhere doing the things you love. 

So, there you have it. Why Starbucks chose Ordering, and why you too should!