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Shared Menus · Perfect for Franchises.

Did you know that? 
Making your business menu management easier affects (in a good way) the growth of your business?
This is the way to easily manage the menus of all your businesses, you've come to the right article.
In this article and with this powerful feature you are able to edit all the aspects of all the menus on all of your stores at once and save a lot of time.
This feature is located in your Ordering Editor > My Stores > Store > Business Menu.

To share a menu first open the menu by clicking "More", once you click on it you'll have 2 tabs, click in the "Shared With:" and select the businesses you want to share this menu with, your Ordering Editor will automatically save once you check or uncheck the businesses.
All the changes made in the Main Sharing Menu will get reflected, on all businesses with shared menus; pictures, prices, description, name, and if the product is on/off.
In this way you will be able to manage the menus of your franchises in a much easier and faster way!
If you want to know a little more about how shared menus work, we invite you to visit our website, there you can find a more detailed explanation about it.

Shared Menus