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Seamless Data Migration with Ordering.co



In today's fast-paced business landscape, adaptability and efficiency are paramount. Regarding your online ordering platform, You should have the ability to avoid starting from scratch whenever you need to change, move to a new environment, or expand your operations.

That's where Ordering.co shines, offering you the power of seamless data migration to save time and resources.


Why Migrate Data in Ordering.co?

Ordering.co understands that your business needs can change, and our versatile platform empowers you to adapt effortlessly. Whether transitioning from a pre-launch environment to a live one, testing design changes, or extending your reach to a new storefront, data migration is your key to success.

Migrating from another platform? Ordering.co has you covered with free catalog transfer apps to simplify the process. If you require more extensive assistance, our in-house data migration services support most eCommerce platforms.

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What Data Can You Transfer?

Ordering.co gives you several flexible options to move data between your online ordering stores:

CSV Import: Craft custom export templates in your source store and export data, ready to be imported into the destination store.

API: Seamlessly transfer data between your Ordering.co stores using our robust API.

Ordering.co Apps: Our App Marketplace features a range of apps designed to streamline data transfer processes.

Manual Transfer: For ultimate control, manually copy and paste data from your source store to your destination store.

Non-transferable: Sometimes, data must be recreated directly in the destination store.

Using our Ordering Network feature, it’s currently available only for Canada & United States, with this feature you can export all your menus in seconds.


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For a detailed guide on using our API for data transfer, visit our API Documentation in the Dev Center. It provides step-by-step instructions and examples to facilitate a smooth transition.

The Road to Data Export and Migration

In the upcoming chapters, we'll guide you through exporting your data using customized templates. We'll also delve deeper into the various aspects of your store, providing insights and tips to ensure a seamless migration.

With Ordering.co, your online ordering platform evolves with your business, saving you time and enhancing operational efficiency.


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