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Reasons to Start Using a Ordering App in your Business

by Ordering, on Mar 12, 2018 4:13:24 PM

ReasonsToStartUsingAOrderingAppInYourBusiness - 1-min

The Market Evolution.

Along with Crowed market and many people trying to create the Apps, you can't lose time developing, having the advantage on your side with the Apps previously done will be the key to success.
Be the first one in your block to create this service and get every business involved in it. This is now the way to sell, start and be big before everyone else.
More information here.



Your market is everyone who is hungry, and because hunger is very normal... and comes around four times a day, this is not rocket science, the number of people that are going to order through your Apps is huge.
- The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in the US in 2015 – 18-24 (90.6 hrs on smartphone apps, 34.7 hrs. On tablet apps) (Source: comScore)
-The age group that spends the most time on apps monthly in the US in 2017- 18-24 (93.5 hrs/month on smartphone apps, 27.6 hrs. / month on tablet apps) (Source: Statista)
There is no time to cook, order something, let your customers do it through your platform.


Apps vs. Website

With the evolution of Ordering across the years, you'll find out that about 60-85% of people prefer Apps over the mobile website, the Native Apps are expensive to develop, and you might lose some months even years getting it done, the good thing is that we have it ready for you.
Delivered in less than five working days, I am sure you'll be very happy to get your business running in less than a week.


Why Are Apps better?
● Push Notifications - Alerts of any status change.
● Able to accept Payments.
● Follow Driver on a map. (On delivery)
● Search for the closest restaurants with Geolocation feature.
● Performance.
● Design.
Instead of going to the browser search for the site and wait for it to download, on the Apps all your customers will do is download it and open it every time they feel like Ordering.


Increase your revenue with Online Ordering
This might sound weird. However, it is totally true; the current market is evolving in a way that Ordering thru Apps is going to be the next Order-thru-Call, the pressure on this Calls sometimes gets customers impatient and end up hanging up the phone and get something else to it.
Also every time you have to give the information over and over again, which is annoying and we are in 2018, please save the info.
According to Nation’s Restaurant News, every order made through the mobile app is about $4 more compared to the orders made by phone or in a restaurant. Do you imagine? 1,000 Orders = $4,000 more than just phone orders. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

What do you think?

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