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Online Ordering with Pre-ordering Features

by Ordering, on Dec 24, 2017 9:35:28 AM

OnlineOrderingWithPre-orderingFeatures - 1-min

Pre-ordering is a feature every online Ordering system should have


What is a Pre-Order Online Ordering Feature?

It is the capability of an online ordering system to take an order for a certain time point in the future. This helps the users to plan with time ahead for their needs.
Our system is not only limited to food products. We have many verticals that you can check on our verticals page.
The pre-ordering feature works perfectly with any vertical.


Why did we create this feature?
Lot’s of our customers (most of them startups) are sure that their users like planning with time for their needs. This saves time and lets them relax and get their products at the time they have selected.


How does it work?
The user can select on the checkout page the date and time when they want their order delivered. This feature is present once the extension it is purchased in our marketplace.


On which platforms does it work?
Our pre-ordering feature works perfectly on the Ordering Website and Ordering Web.


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