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Ordering.co Feature: Operation Settings

Operation Settings

Online ordering has become a crucial part of the restaurant industry, as it allows customers to place orders from the comfort of their own homes. One important feature of an online ordering solution is the ability to customize operation settings to suit the needs of your business.

Operation settings refer to the various options that can be configured within an online ordering system to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

These settings may include the ability to set up different delivery zones, configure delivery and pickup times, and set up different payment methods.


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One of the key benefits of operation settings is the ability to create customized delivery settings. Another important aspect of operation settings is configuring delivery and pickup times.

This allows restaurants to set specific times during which orders can be placed, which can help prevent orders from being placed when the restaurant is closed or too busy to fulfill.

This can also help to prevent orders from being placed when the restaurant cannot make deliveries or fulfill pickups.

The ability to set up different payment methods is also a crucial aspect of operation settings. This allows restaurants to accept various payment options, such as credit and debit cards, gift cards, and even cashless payments.

This can help to make the ordering process more convenient for customers and can also help to increase sales.

In conclusion, operation settings are essential to an online ordering solution. They allow restaurants to customize the system to suit their specific needs and can help to increase efficiency and profitability.

With the right operation settings in place, restaurants can ensure that their online ordering system runs smoothly and that customer satisfaction is maintained.