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Ordering.co Feature: Saved Places


The "Saved Places" feature is a convenient tool that allows customers to save their delivery address, pickup location, or any other relevant location in the ordering system for future use.

This feature is often found in online ordering platforms' account settings or profile sections, including Ordering.co.

One of the main benefits of the "Saved Places" feature is that it saves customers time and effort by eliminating the need to enter the same delivery or pickup location every time they place an order.


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Customers can select their saved location from a list, and their order will be sent to the correct address or location.

In the Ordering.co system, the "Saved Places" feature can be accessed from the account settings or profile section. Customers can add, edit, or delete saved locations as needed.

The "Saved Places" feature is particularly useful for customers who place frequent orders or who have multiple delivery or pickup locations that they use regularly.

Overall, the "Saved Places" feature is a valuable addition to online ordering systems, making the ordering process more convenient and efficient for customers.