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Ordering.co Feature: PayPal Payment

Pay Pal

If you offer online ordering as a service at your business, you know the importance of having various payment options available to your customers. 

The "PayPal Payment" feature on ordering.co makes it easy for your customers to pay for their orders using their PayPal account.

To use the "PayPal Payment" feature, your customers must select PayPal as their payment method when checking out. 

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They will then be redirected to the PayPal website, where they can log in to their account and complete the payment. Once the payment is complete, the order will be processed as usual.

One of the great things about the "PayPal Payment" feature on ordering.co is that it is secure and convenient for your customers. 

PayPal is a well-known and trusted payment provider, so your customers can feel confident that their payment information is handled safely.

And because they can complete their payment without leaving the ordering.co website, the process is quick and seamless.

Overall, the "PayPal Payment" feature on ordering.co is valuable to any restaurant's online ordering system.

It provides an easy and convenient way for your customers to pay for their orders and helps you to streamline the payment process. Give it a try and see how it can benefit your business!