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Ordering, The Chosen Logistics Platform By Franchises

Ordering The Chosen Logistics Platform By Franchises

Food eating habits of your average Joe have changed significantly. We live in a world where people want to eat fast, efficiently, and with great convenience. Younger people prefer to order takeout as opposed to cooking. 

Even the older generation enjoys indulging in takeout food instead of taking long trips around supermarkets to obtain ingredients and trouble themselves cooking. If you turned the clocks back 20 years ago, the only way we could get takeout food was to order Chinese takeout or pizza and kebab.


It was all about curry in a hurry! 

That also resorted to the need to pick up a phone, place your order, and wait for the delivery driver to come and take your cash as your stomach ached with hunger pangs. POS machines and online payments were not used or accessible from home. 

Now, however, the food industry is booming, and it is a global market worth billions. Also, the pandemic saw a massive increase in the demand for online ordering. 

People preferred to pay online and have the drivers drop items off from their favorite food stores in a none contact way. It has helped the food industry skyrocket, and the evolution of rapid food delivery via online ordering applications has exploded! 


Ordering Is User Friendly 

See, when you want to offer your menu to customers, you need to consider just how easy it is to do so. Customers want something appealing and easy to navigate. They need a system that works well for them with ease. 

Something that enables them to trace their food order and go back over past deliveries and reorder if necessary. It is about convenience; a few clicks of a button and the order is finalized.


Online Ordering Isn't Just A Trend

Trends come and go all the time, but online ordering has become more robust and a more in-demand thing that will not be going anywhere soon. That is precisely why when your food menu is added to the Ordering applications marketplace, you can expect results quickly. 

See, you can benefit from their preexisting SEO, the fact that clients order from the application and trust it.


Consumer ordering is all about trust. 

Major franchises are already listed there, you can expect to look more professional when you list alongside them! Would you like to have your store listed alongside Starbucks or the likes of Hardees and PF Changs? 

You cannot be blamed for this thinking with this mindset either, as it is great to expand your business's name and profile. 


Using An Application Like Ordering For Your Franchise.

When you use Ordering, you can expect to ensure that your deliveries arrive at customers with speed. Your drivers will be notified, and you can keep tabs on them, as can your customers. 

The quality of food sent out can be higher than in-house dining, as they are not left feeling pressured to perform, and it is all back-of-the-house transition, as opposed to face-to-face contact with the customer. 

Orders will be accurate, and no mix-ups can occur unless your customer makes a mistake! Even special requests can be typed and entered into the messages section. 

You can offer a lot of variety and list it in a clear, concise way. Your franchise will boom from listing with Ordering. 

Customer retention rates can be closely monitored, and you will be able to see clearly at the backside of the application, the customers that stick with you and turn into repeat and those that don't.

It also enables you to be able to decipher the favorite orders of people. Also, for the customers that didn't return, you can see if there is a pattern in the items that are not reordered and perhaps a visible explanation for the none return of customers. 

All of these features enable you to be able to offer a very high standard of customer satisfaction. That is precisely what food franchises have to do to survive. 

Your menu can be engineered as and when required. And you can also promote with coupons and mail and SMS shots. You offer a direct portal between you and the customer.


Their mobile phone is in their hand, and you have the potential to manipulate the timings of messages around the food timings of meals! For example, you can arrange for the message to go out at lunchtime as you know that office staff is dining and feeling peckish. It is all about trial and error.  

That is precisely why Ordering has become the chosen logistics platform by franchises. It is easy, accessible, and an excellent tool for you to ensure that customers can benefit time and time again. 


So what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present. You can be up and running in less than 72 hours. Book a meeting today.