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Online ordering system for Indian companies

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Looking for an ordering system that works well for Indian companies?

Yes? That's  Amazing! Ordering.Co gives you an opportunity to have a website that can work correctly in India Since it includes all of the essential tools that an India website must have. Apart from this, it also gives you the chance to get more add-on new features along with the Ordering script, which will make your business grow faster than others. It helps you get more online traffic, by its easy to use & user-friendly interface.


Important FAQ'S:

Why can people use this system in India?

Ordering.Co-system is a platform which can be easily used for India business/companies types on the basis of your ideas, since it is 100% customizable to get the feature an India company needs. Moreover, the platform itself has some of the features which make it more suitable type for the Indian companies the most, without having any custom changes. Like, It has got the best google search engine, to help you locate the exact area you are in to give you the related & precise business lists that are within your neighborhood localities. It supports Indian currencies and Indian language. It has got the basic Indian companies workflow. Got the best unique design that matches well with any Indian delivery/Pickup company structure and much more.


Can it be used in Hindi/Bengali( हिंदी/বাংলা) & English at the same time, how and why?

The Ordering system is constructed in such a way, that you can have the system not only for Indian language like Hindi/Bengali( हिंदी/বাংলা) but also for any language. If you want you can also set more than two languages for your system to make your users happy in browsing your website in their preferred languages with ease.


How can it be set? 

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We offer our basic 1 city package for just 79USD per month, including FREE web hosting on AWS, FREE support for any bugs & fixes & FREE extension credits. Isn't that great? Contact us now.
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