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On-Demand Delivery of medicines right at your doorsteps

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Thanks to the internet and the way e-commerce has become trustworthy, online shopping has grown tremendously. Nowadays people buy anything from clothes, food, and furniture to even vehicles. Undoubtedly e-commerce is here to stay. As it can be suspected, online shopping has made its way into several industries, including the medical supply industry.
It has become increasingly common to buy medical supplies online. Furthermore, ever since online shopping made its way to the health industry, numerous pharmacies have grown their business by participating in the online marketplace.
For this reason, we believe we have just the solution for your medical supply business. Surely having a platform that allows your business to offer on-demand delivery of medicines will give you an edge over the competitors that don't offer this service. We have the right tools so that you can confidently tell your customers: “we offer on-demand delivery of medicines right at your doorsteps”.Due to the busy lifestyles, we are living nowadays, saving time on tedious tasks is increasingly important. Because of this, online shopping has grown popular. Since we can purchase products conveniently and effortlessly.
Maybe you don’t have the time to visit your local drug store. Then a solution that allows you to buy medical supplies online will be extremely helpful. The same goes for people who might live a long way from their nearest pharmacy or perhaps the elderly that are not able to travel independently. Without a doubt, being able to order medicine from the comfort of your home is an excellent option.
The days of waiting in long queues to buy your medicines are gone. Luckily, technology has enabled us to receive our desired products with just one or two clicks.
Ordering has got the perfect platform for your business. We offer the tools necessary for you to offer your customers an online ordering platform. Ordering Website provides you a platform where you can display products and services to your customers.
Additionally, they can order the products they need online and have them delivered to their location within minutes. Ordering Dashboard concentrates all of your website and store administration in a single place since it allows you to manage your virtual store and keep track of your customer’s orders. As a result, it simplifies your site’s management.
We value your time greatly, therefore we are always working on making our products super user-friendly and time-saving. As a result, we have developed a new tool: Ordering Editor, which incredibly simplifies managing your Ordering Site. With drag & drop features and an intuitive interface, setting up your Ordering Site has never been easier!
Having an app where your customers can place orders is a no-brainer if you are interested in selling online. Lucky for you, we offer the best solution for this.
Our Ordering App provides you with an awesome platform that allows your customers to purchase online. Most importantly, it is fully customizable and works seamlessly with the rest of our products. Our Business App provides you total control of your customer’s orders right from your phone.
Particularly it helps you manage all incoming orders, assigns them to available drivers, and keep track of the delivery, as well as other cool features that we are sure you will find useful. In short, it helps you manage your orders from your phone. To be used by the drivers, the Delivery App provides all the necessary information to successfully complete the delivery.
Such as order details, delivery address, and contact information. It is integrated with the most popular map apps to make sure the driver always has the best route. It helps you manage all deliveries from your computer in real-time. Basically, the tool allows you to accept/decline orders, review the best routes, assign drivers to orders and follow their specific location in real-time. In short, it helps you manage your orders from your computer.
It allows you to create a separate ordering app for any of your businesses if they need to have their brand shown on the app. And what to have their brand be published to the world. It's a new invention that we at Ordering Co have created.
By using it, an individual can quickly make any changes to the website without getting into hard code. Due to this, any IT and non-IT professional can exploit the benefits of our platform.
Yes! You heard it right! Now you can quickly change all of your website images, color & CSS. As well as the banner images directly from our builder without even touching the real codes. Because we know code can be a bit confusing.
Brand new ordering invention. A website bot will provide real-live chat assistance to all your customers in real-time. Additionally, the bot will guide your customers through the ordering process until it is successfully placed and confirmed.
This solution will reduce the time it takes your users to place an order. Plus, it will minimize the confusions they might face if they are new to using and placing an order. Few companies offer this solution. Lucky for our customers, we are pioneers in the deployment of this technology for ordering solutions.
As for the website, this BOT can help you, online users, on the app as well, so to get them a relaxed environment to place an order as per their choice. This is another new invention of Ordering Co. which helps you to publish your business on any page you want, it might be any website that you can put this widget so that you can have adequate customers attention if they like to ordering something that moment. It's great stuff to make more sales and attract customers' attention from various platforms.


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