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Migrating Your Catalog to Ordering.co


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When you've chosen to transition your online store to Ordering.co, the next step is to tackle the logistics of transferring your catalog.

Recognizing that every business has unique requirements, we've designed various methods to help you migrate your data.
The right method for you will depend on factors like the size of your catalog, sales history, and custom product fields. Let's explore the available options.

Available Methods

Data Migration Feature “Ordering Network” (Recommended)

f you are in Canada or United States, this is the fastest way to get started with Ordering.

Our Data Migration feature, the Ordering network, will make launching your online store quick and effortless. We present to you the Ordering Network – a feature that's all about efficiency and simplicity.

Here's how it works: Start by entering your restaurant or store name, and Ordering Network will guide you to select your store location from a list of options, complete with addresses.

Once that's done, you can either import your existing menu or explore the various menu options available. The magic of Ordering Network is that it does the heavy lifting for you, minimizing the time and effort required.

After selecting your store from the list, your menu will be ready in just about two minutes, with a notification to let you know it's ready.

And that's it! With Ordering Network, you'll get your store configured in less than two minutes, and you'll be all set to launch.

The tool imports everything from your store, except for the images, which you can easily re-upload in the dashboard.


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The dashboard converts them into the "webp" format, making your store load faster and more efficiently. So, in no time, your online store will be set up with your products, schedule, options, prices, and descriptions. The only image you'll need to upload is your logo.

With Ordering's Network Feature, simplifying your online store setup has never been this easy.

Harness the power of this incredible feature to start selling your products effortlessly and efficiently. Your journey into the world of e-commerce has never been more straightforward.


CSV Import

Alternatively, you can import your products and customers into your Ordering.co store using a CSV file. Remember that your source CSV file may require reformatting for a successful import. Tools like Excel or Google Sheets can be used to edit CSV files.

For stores with fewer than 10,000 SKUs, we recommend using our data migration apps for product migration and then utilizing a CSV import for refining your product data.


Managed Data Migration

If you're uncomfortable with the app or CSV file migration processes, opt for a managed data transfer through Ordering.co's Data Migration Services team.

This team will work closely with you to ensure a secure and satisfactory data migration, tailoring their services to match your business requirements.

With extensive experience handling large catalogs with SKUs across over 50 e-commerce platforms, they can even accommodate custom migration requests to align with your store's architecture. Reach out to us to request a quote.



Our Catalog, Orders, and Customers API enables the direct addition and modification of products, orders, and customer data for developers. Detailed information and examples can be found in our API Documentation on the Dev Center.


Alternative Content Migration

For those who prefer a simpler route, consider copying the raw HTML from your web page's source and pasting it onto a new web page in the Ordering.co control panel.

Once created, you can employ 301 redirects to minimize SEO loss. This redirects any visitors still using the old URL to the new URL on your Ordering.co site.


Considerations for Your Migration

When switching to a new platform, various factors come into play, and each migration is unique. Here are some critical considerations:

Sales and Order Data: Sales and order information cannot be directly transferred via CSV import. We strongly recommend exporting your orders for reference or tax purposes.

Orders can be imported using data migration apps through the API by a developer or by our Data Migration Services team as part of a managed data transfer.

Product Reviews: Importing product reviews into Ordering.co is simplified with the Product Review Importer & Exporter app from the Ordering.co Apps Marketplace.

This ensures that you keep valuable customer testimonials and maintain continuity across platforms. There are also apps that enable the bulk import of coupon codes.

Storefront Design: Storefront design work cannot be directly transferred between ecommerce platforms. This transition provides an excellent opportunity to update your design and content.

You can get the front-end code of the selling tools, such as; Customer App & Ordering website, and customize it at will with your developers team.

Also, you have a development team at Ordering.co to help you achieve the most suitable design according to your brand guidelines. Submit a quote with us, and get this migration started.


Next Steps for Your Ordering.co Store

Once you've successfully migrated your products, categories, and customer data, the journey isn't over. You'll need to finalize your new store setup.

This involves configuring shipping, sales tax, payment gateways, and ensuring your product and category data are in order. Switching your domain is also very important, if you need assistance in that manner, contact us.

Our Store Launch guide provides detailed steps to follow, and our support team is always here to address any questions you may have during this exciting transition.


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