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Medicine Delivery and its Role in Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

Medicine Delivery and its Role in Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry

In recent years, medicine delivery became almost as common as food delivery and shopping for clothes. The mobile health market size is estimated to reach US$22,695.80 m in 2022

What implications does this shift in consumer behavior have on the healthcare industry as well as businesses? 

There is definitely a continuously rising demand and plenty of opportunity for start-ups. 

However, medicine delivery also comes with a lot of safety measures that should be taken into account when starting out a medicine delivery website or application

In this article we are going to dive into some pros and limitations, and what future start-ups should keep in mind, before getting into the healthcare industry. 


Why did on-demand E-Pharmacies become so popular for customers? 


One of the most important advantages of on-demand medicine delivery is time-saving. Ordering medication online takes minutes, and getting it delivered to your door not only saves time of commute but also waiting in long lines. 

Some small towns and remote areas have only one available pharmacy for numerous residents. In that case, the needed medication is not always available on the spot, and patients need to travel long distances, in order to obtain their prescription medication. 


Convenience for people who have difficulties purchasing their medication in-store

Another main reason why on-demand medicine delivery became so revolutionary in the healthcare industry,  is that it provides access to medication for people who might be struggling to obtain it in-store.  For example, the elderly,  disabled people,  or those who work during the pharmacy opening hours. 

On-demand medication delivery services are an incredible advantage for those who do not have the ability to move around easily and need to stay at home.

During the times of the pandemic, purchasing medication online has been an actual life-saver for many people, who avoided getting infected in-store. 

This solution has also provided a lot of safety for people chronically struggling with their immunity, who should avoid crowds and spaced where they are exposed to infections.  



Online medicine delivery can also be cost-effective for people living in remorse areas,  since the delivery cost is more economical in the long run, in comparison to paying for a long commute. 

Additionally, many private pharmacies have a very high margin, which can be avoided when using online pharmacies. 


What are the limitations of an online pharmacy?

The advantages of being able to order medications from an online pharmacy definitely outweigh the disadvantages. However, the biggest limitation that comes with having a medication delivery platform, is the lack of doctor’s evaluations. 

As there is no physical contact with an actual doctor or a licensed pharmacist who can provide you with their expertise, there are risks of purchasing the wrong medication or the wrong dose by a potential patient. 

When starting out a medicine delivery business online, it is important to take into account safety measures and provide customers with access to contact a professional before completing their purchase. 


What should be taken into account before starting an on-demand medicine delivery business?

Choosing the right software 

The first thing that should be taken into consideration before starting an on-demand medicine delivery business is choosing the right software provider. There are many features to look out for, that play a role in the success of the medicine delivery business. 

The number one feature is an aesthetic and an easy-to-follow interface, with a very short ordering process. 

The customer should have a vast number of options, when it comes to the payment methods, and be able to quickly get through the loading pages before completing their order.

Another feature that should be taken into consideration is a high-tech order management system and delivery tracking.

A reliable system will allow the administrator of the website to keep track of the inventory and make sure that not a single order is missed or delayed.

Push notifications and real-time tracking provides an assurance and a feeling of reliability for the customers, who want to be in control of their order, and know when to expect it.


Safety Measures 

An on-demand application and website should be very well-thought-out, in the terms of verification of the patient's prescriptions, maintaining a record of their previous purchases, getting track of the inventory,  expiration dates,  and providing correct information on dosage.

That is why it is very important to implement customized integrations and features that go hand in hand with the healthcare verification system. 


Human contact 

This feature is a great opportunity for you to stand out, since this customer experience gap, is a frequently occurring limitation. 

The application and website for medicine delivery should provide integrations, like WhatsApp or social media chats and video calls, in order to make the customer feel like they have access to a certified professional when purchasing their products. 

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