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Making Apps Made Easy with the Single Business App

by Ordering, on Feb 7, 2018 3:50:08 AM

MakingAppsMadeEasyWithTheSingleBusinessApp - 1-min

Give your business their own App

Apps can often be challenging to create, expensive to purchase or troublesome to maintain. Fortunately, with the single business app, these problems are issues of the past. This toolkit is easy to use, widely applicable to many business areas, and full of many useful, and often necessary, functions to make app creation as simple as possible.


Easy to Use

The business app tool couldn’t be any more straight-forward. Managed through simple clicks, so there is no need to hire a developer or learn coding to do it alone. Just upload icons, logos, and other desired images and choose additional features that fit the needs of the business and the custom app will be available within 24 hours.
Not only does this eliminate a headache involved with creating or purchasing an app to use, but it also significantly shortens the amount of time before the app can hit the marketplace and get to work. Not only is the app created through this utility easy to make, but it’s also user-friendly on the customer end.
The apps have a clean and professional appearance with menus that are easy to navigate. This business app creator also supports a vast variety of languages, even those using special characters, for those businesses that serve international customers as well.


Wide Application

This suite is perfect for restaurants and fast food locations, but it doesn’t stop with them. Most consumer-oriented businesses will find it quite accommodating.
Any company involved with ordering, delivering or scheduling will see this app more than adequate for their needs. By this the business app is managed, the business needs to decide what to include and what not to include, making it readily adaptable to most applications.


Full of Functions and Functionality

These custom apps also come with many additional features than just the standard options. They utilize geolocation services to help with localization and make it easier to find when browsing. They’re also amenable to using Facebook logins to help accelerate checkouts and ordering history. As a bonus, extra extensions and plugins can also be included at any time if there is a new feature that may arise.
On the development side, everything is customizable from sidebar and page contents to background images and app icons. Also included for development are Android and iOS native environment emulators so the app can be tested on the computer before it is released. Upon completion, the app is made available for download in both formats as well for maximized distribution potential.
Today’s most successful companies, both large and small, all have one thing in common: they have apps for use by their customers.
Often apps can bring new problems with their benefits; however, the single business app fixes many of these problems by being user-friendly, applicability to a wide range of business models, and full of features that aid both the development and the overall customer experience with the app.

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