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Launch Your Own Online D2C Pest Control Services Business

Launch Your Own Online D2C Pest Control Services Business-min

Are you examining different options for launching a new D2C business? Or maybe you already have experience in the field of pest control and would like to bring it online. 

Pest control services are always going to be around and generate demand. Exterminators, or pest control workers, exterminate mice, rats, roaches, termites, and other pests to protect homes and businesses from future infestation. 

The pest control industry is expected to be worth USD 22.7 billion in 2021, with a CAGR of 5.1 percent to reach USD 29.1 billion by 2026.

Pest control market development is being driven by improvements in pesticide formulations, rising urbanization activities, and the construction of megacities, all of which have had a significant influence on pest control demand.

Pest control businesses are frequently seasonal.

For example, there may be a high demand for eliminating yellow jackets, flies, and carpenter ants during the warmer months, yet rodents such as mice and rats are frequently a problem during the winter months when they seek warm shelter and nesting grounds indoors.


Why should you bring a pest control service online? 


Better control of inventory 

One of the reasons why starting a D2C platform is better than only having a stationary business, is a better and more organized inventory system.

Having an online software that helps you to monitor costs such as chemical usage, the number of customers, money spent on driving to the location, revenue, and costs per customer. 

Having a usable online administration dashboard and a well-functioning CRM, helps you to track statistics on a monthly and yearly basis, and determine which months are the most successful and bring the highest costs.

This is particularly important in an industry that is highly seasonal. Having access to this data allows for a better understanding of how to efficiently stock up for the busy months and how to save on costs for the more quiet months. 

Having an online order management system is not only going to make your business more effective and profitable but also increase the efficiency of operations and help you to make decisions about how much staff to hire.


Better customer service 

As explained previously, establishing your business online with the proper software increases effectiveness while decreasing human errors.

When it comes to ordering services, consumers expect speed and responsiveness regardless of the industry.

Pest control is a unique business because it requires prompt communication with the consumer in order to instruct them on what to do before a professional arrives at the scene.

Having an online communication system, such as a live chat or social media integrations, allows you to respond to customers quickly and provide them with higher-quality, more attentive service.

In addition to the speed of service, the online order management system provides a full, transparent overview of every customer and their situation. This reduces the risk of errors, or employees showing up unprepared, due to miscommunication.

Having an online platform gives every employee access to the same information and real-time tracking of every inspection. You can easily check on their progress and monitor the situation, in case a task is taking longer than it should.  


Increased usability 

As a pest control business, having an online application, allows for increased usability and ease of ordering a service.

For example, users can get more insight and information on the particular issue that they are dealing with and read about the solutions that your business provides, prior to making a final decision. You can also inform your customers about the waiting time, types of pest control, and what they can do in the meantime.

All this useful information creates reliability and transparency for you as a brand, in the eyes of your customer. 

An ordering application or website is also a great option for mobile users. Nowadays, the majority of purchases happen in a mobile version. Having a mobile-friendly application or website increases your chances of being noticed and picked among other competitors. 


Building a brand 

Building a reputable brand is another component of having an online direct-to-consumer service. Having an online platform that is visually beautiful and simple to use for customers creates a point of differentiation.

Pest control is not as competitive online as, for example, the food delivery industry. As a result, there is still plenty of potentials for your business to stand out and establish a solid online reputation.


What equipment do you require to establish a successful pest control service online?

To begin, you must determine which features are critical to the efficient operation of your organization, and then select a software provider that matches those requirements.

Ordering is a wonderful choice for businesses seeking an excellent order management system, a useful and configurable website and application, and a variety of great features like real-time tracking, social media integrations, delivery AI, and more.

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