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KFC Chose Ordering For The Online Ordering Business-Why?


We've all heard of the finger-licking-good chicken that people around the globe cannot survive without. The story behind KFC's success is also very admirable given the fact that good old Colonel Sanders did not succeed in business until he reached almost retirement age. 

Pushing that aside, it will be no surprise to hear that the global chicken fast-food chain is turning to online orders to increase its popularity and reach the consumer with ease. 

Naturally, when looking for a platform that works well in conjunction with their ethics, Ordering was their first port of call. The question left to answer, though, is why? Or is it?...


A More In-Depth Look 

Ordering is a complete all-in-one online logistics application that enables restaurants to sell their food on an application with ease. They take care of everything. See, what notable brands that are already established need to use is a platform that works in conjunction with their ethics. 

Ordering has just those ethics and more besides. They are offering KFC and customers the best when getting their Kentucky fried chicken delivered directly to their home or wherever they wish to eat it! 

KFC could add their menu with ease with minimal headaches and rely on the Ordering platform to carry through their good name because many other significant brands already use the platform.


The Ordering Application Works Well For All Online Businesses 

See, if you are a business owner and wish to get your wares delivered to people, you need good timing and a platform that can enable you to add your goods with ease and a menu that is simple and looks appealing. 

Ordering offers all that and much more. The menu is easy to navigate, enabling customers to select their favorite KFC delights and add them to the cart to checkout. 


Multiple Payment Modes 

Also, there are multiple payment methods on offer to the consumer. See, whereby PayPal might work well for one client, card or cash may seemingly be more appealing for another. Ordering caters to all modes of preferred payment, allowing consumers to have a wide variety of choices on how they choose to pay for their goods. 


Online Tracking Facility 

The Ordering application allows the consumer to track their order to the door of their chosen address. All KFC had to take care of was adding their menu to the application having drivers distribute the goods and a feedback system that allows customers to leave feedback on the platform. 

Consumers like this see not all minds think alike. Whereby some may feel secure and trust online ordering applications from day one. Others are a little skeptical of parting with their cash on the internet. 


Track And Trace Orders With Great Ease 

The application developed by Ordering allows the consumer to be able to track and trace their food order as it makes its way to their door. For the restaurant, it works the same way. 

KFC staff can take the orders with ease from the backend of the application and assign a driver to collect the order and deliver it to the client. In short, it is easy as one, two, and three. 

Of course, KFC always was a big brand, so it goes without saying that when they wanted to trust a third party with their orders, Ordering would be their first port of call.

The only hang-up is that the Colonel himself isn't alive to see the business in full swing today because the company has grown to new heights with new technology like this! 


To Summarize Advantages Of Ordering That KFC Love.

All in one white-labeled solution.

● You can start immediately and build your menu on the application. 

● Applications for both delivery and pick up.

● A sales team that is on the ball and able to answer your queries fast.

● Online customer support team. 

● Free trial to get you started.

● What you see is what you get! No hidden extras. 

● Great for enterprises or startups. 

● Easy customization.

● Management. 

● SEO. 

● The ability to add pictures of menu items with great ease.

● Coupons and discounts that are automated and easy to add. 

● Simple category options. 

● Manage your stock with ease- sold-out and unavailable items are easy to differentiate. For example, a sold-out tag will be added automatically once customers have purchased the last piece on the menu. In addition, they are allowing KFC to predict with ease the quantity needed with stats and figures each month.

● Customers and KFC management can use their cellphone to log in and order. Manage sales from a phone! 

● Track drivers and follow them up; KFCs clients can even directly contact the drivers via the app to notify them of changes to the delivery address.

● And Much, much more. 


It makes excellent sense, so there you have itβ€”just a few and not all of the great reasons KFC chose to use Ordering. You cannot blame them for their excellent choice!