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Key Features of a Successful Online Food Ordering and Delivery Platform


Life has changed, the way we perceive the world, human interactions, and business marketing, and cultural behaviors have changed too. We evolve, we buy things in a different way.

Nowadays the type of interactions into the business market has created a path for online projects and offers, such as ordering and delivering services. Customer demands have changed, not only do they want it bigger and now, but cost-effective, faster, and easier.

This is fantastic news, even though the world is having difficult times, we have arisen from the ashes and have created opportunities to help small businesses and also for those who are experts in the delivery service.

At Ordering.co, we care about the customer experience, we believe in the idea of having a holistic experience is the best way to engage the customers into a solid long-term relationship where the final consumer can have the best products at one click away.

This is why it is really important to take a look into the online food market, the future is here.

Keep it simple

The lesser the better, you may want customers to understand in a fast and effective way with a “catchy” view and phrase. Simple and neat texts with a positive tasty impact for the consumers. An image is effective enough to create the order of more than one product.

The Growing Food Delivery Market (adapt your business)

On-demand delivery apps over the food market have recorded a surge of more than 150% daily, also according to Statista in 2024 the revenue of the Online food delivery segment worldwide would be around $96,864.4 million USD.

Food delivery services must be involved in the new techniques, requirements, and offer according to their target, if it is a special season if there is a small part of the products that may be part of an attractive offer, or just simply be aware of the market evolution. In general, we must take around at least every 2 months into the market overall, review the main competitors around and of course, keep an eye on what the customers are looking for.

Listen to your customers.

What do I do to gain more views, more orders, and more consumers into my business? “I offered a 10 % discount over the final price and it didn't work”, “I sent new emails to my customers with updates about my product and no one replayed”, ``I launched the new menu for my cafeteria and still my numbers are low”... Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, everything can be solved with one simple and golden question: What the customer wants? Is one of the main treasures in regards to customer satisfaction and the delivery food business is not the exception? When you go back with your real customers and ask, hey I really want to know about your experience, please tell me how can I offer to you in order to have a better experience with us?
One of the main KPIs worldwide used is NPS Net promoter Score, with one simple question we can obtain more information than with any other methodology.

Why am I an NPS believer? Well, the answer is simple, I was a witness to the results, simple as that. I saw with my own eyes the effective growth of companies such as Comcast and Hampton farms, companies who are really taking into consideration their NPS score.

If we really listen to the customer and adapt our goals, of course always taking into consideration our own business needs we will have a successful model, where we will be able to have a healthy consumer cycle with positive revenues.

Tasty look, get “food in love”.

Food businesses need to be attractive, love at first sight. The idea of tasting something that looks delicious is basic for food delivery services, your customers can’t smell how good your product is, but they can imagine how good it will be if they try it.

If you are starting your business, our advice is, do not to hesitate to get a professional photographer to create your visual menu. They know what type of light your product needs, even special effects your food may require, sometimes it is not even real food!
They use props, and camera tricks to give that incredible look! Such as that delicious and juicy hamburger or sweet chocolate cake.

Quality and Pricer Balance.

Do not hesitate to use real quality products, your customers will be happy and satisfied that they are having the best of the best according to what they are paying for. Keep a balance between your prices and competence, but always keep in mind to maintain the best quality possible for your product.

Make sure the food products you are offering are in good health and where they are coming from. This will help you to offer quality and good prices. Also, think about the time and team is investing in creating the final product. Time is also money.

I hope you enjoyed this article and help you with some quick tips to have a successful ordering and delivering food platform.

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