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Is Ordering the right solution for your food franchise?


As a franchise, finding a software provider that will meet all of your requirements can be quite a task. Undoubtedly, it would help if you had a provider who will be flexible enough to customize their features and bring across the idea that you are cost-effectively envisioning your brand.

Luckily, software providers, such as Ordering, offer an all-in-one solution perfect for well-established enterprises. Many bundle options will meet your customer's most demanding requirements. 


Which features make Ordering the perfect solution for a food franchise? 

Personalized service 

First and foremost, Ordering offers excellent, personalized customer service and is available to you 24/5 regardless of your time zone or location. This is particularly important as a food franchise since time is of the essence with any on-demand delivery service, and you cannot wait for an answer regarding your app or website. 

The ordering website features an effective ticketing system that allows you to receive quick responses to all of your technical questions regarding custom work, delivery app, and others. 

That is not all! Aside from the online system, a designated sales account manager will support you throughout the process and help out until you launch and beyond.  


Online resources 

As a customer, you receive full access to the Ordering University and the support website dedicated to helping you with every tiny detail of our features. Whether you want to find out more about driver tracking, API access, or any other technology-related topic, you can be sure to find an answer through the support website that offers visual explanations, demos, and videos, helping you step by step. 



As a food franchise that wants to increase sales directly, cost-effectiveness is the number one thing to consider. Ordering offers solutions that include a wide variety of features, integrations, and the possibility to customize without you having to purchase several programs. Ordering also offers one-time payment bundles that'll give you ownership of your software rather than monthly rent, which makes it a lot more cost-efficient in the long run. 

Tailor-made solution 

Just like a good suit, you need your ordering website and application to fit your brand perfectly. With Ordering, any custom work is possible! Whether you require additional features, different payment methods, or a specific design that goes hand in hand with your branding strategy, your assigned sales team member will advise you on your every need. 



With Ordering, you can connect any POS system for your platforms, such as Micros, Toast, Clover, Square, and many more., ensuring the best experience for your customers and the smoothest operations possible. 

Additionally, you can facilitate the login and filling out information for your customers through social media integrations and simplified Ordering via Whatsapp

Since customers have a brief attention span with the amount of online stimulation, they do not want to spend a long time logging in to buy food from their favorite place. 

Social media logins and saved credit card information will allow you to provide a smooth and reliable process for your visitors, making them choose your app directly over the third-party platforms.   


Real-time tracking and excellent delivery system

Real-time tracking is essential for a food franchise if you want to be competitive among third-party applications. Luckily, Ordering provides the real-time tracking feature fully synced for mobile and desktop devices. As an administrator, you can track the driver's real-time through your Delivery Dashboard, which gives you an 'eagle eye' overview of the entire operation. 

Competitive app and web usability 

A simple and easy-to-navigate interface is one of the most significant points to consider when looking for new software. Ordering will not disappoint you since it features a sleek and visually pleasant design that you can fully customize. Aside from that, the AWS server gives you the extra reassurance that your website and application will always be fast and reliable, regardless of the number of orders. 

The ordering process is short and simple, cutting out all the unnecessary steps and loading pages, increasing convenience, and reducing the time it takes for your visitors to complete a purchase. You can be sure that The simplicity of the process will reduce cart abandonment to the minimum.


Vast payment options 

Ordering also provides a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Stripe. You do not need to worry that the payment methods preferred by your customers will not be available. Of course, if your customers are looking for something else, you can always customize and introduce the payment option of your choice. 


To sum up

Needless to say that Ordering has a compelling selection when it comes to ordering software. Many food franchises, including Starbucks, Dominos, Burger King, and others, have already trusted Ordering! Whether you are a franchise, or a start-up, with Ordering, you have limitless options to choose from, and our team can get you started in less than a week!