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How to create a site like Hungry-House

HowToCreateASiteLikeHungry-House - 1-min

Simple guide to create a site like HungryHouse. Let's learn about the business structure & technology of HungryHouse


Step 1: Knowing the conception:

Steps to create a site like HungryHouse – the simple guide for Startups
It's an honor for us to create an article like this so that most of the startups can get inspiration, encouragement & exact knowledge of setting up any kind of delivery & Takeaway business. Let’s get directly to the point to know what HungryHouse does. HungryHouse is a platform to facilitate easy takeaways & delivery of food, Just need to select the cuisine & post code, and you’re all set to order from a business near your location/area.
They provide the web as well as Mobile App services facilities too, to place any order for takeaways & smooth delivery. We hope that you’ve got the basic knowledge of what HungryHouse does, let’s check for some options and tech tools that you need to create something close to HungryHouse.
The perfect solution to choose would be to get ordering.Co, as it has got all the required elements & features that you need to achieve success & profits. We also specialized in excellent FREE customer services & business consulting, and that is what which makes us unique & different from others. Just follow the steps below to get direct asking from us.


Step 2: Basic aspects that you need.

Creating a start-up, you need to create a base first, by choosing the right platform that can help your business to grow efficiently & faster, as well can help you achieve all of your requirements for your business, Starting from your product displaying, pricing, your company branding, etc.
It’s the key thing that you have to maintain in choosing the right platform first as it will be your principal source of your profits and earnings, as 90% of your sale will depend upon the software that you choose, since customers like to use more user-friendly tech solutions rather a complicated one. Apart from this, the customer tends to use more of using latest technologies than the old school system, so choosing the right solution will be the first and foremost aspect of creating a business that every start-up should follow.
The artifact to conceive a site like HungryHouse are:


1. Multi-business ordering online website.

Advantage in using this solution is that, you can accommodate any number of businesses for any types within one roof, which can facilitate your customers to choose and order from any kind of business as per their demand, and need, As it helps the user to pick a company as per their location to get a quick service within time, followed by the simple menu to select the right product to order from, So to help an user to save his/her time as well as make him/her place an order with easy steps, with less struggle, easy payment services along with great system speed is required.
It should also be considered that the system should be mobile responsive, to facilitate mobile/App ordering services using any handy device anytime and in any place you want.
The perfect choice will be to get this Multi-business website solution if you need to get all of the above facilities as well to create site close to HungryHouse.


2. iOS and Android mobile ordering App.

It’s been a trend now using handy mobile gadgets, like smart phones and tablets for multitasking, as well as ordering too, so getting an app for your business will multiply your sales as well as profits. Since it has been proven now, that maximum of the online sales is being achieved through mobile, rather from using desktop/website. So getting an app for your business will prove to be more profitable along with the website ordering, as it will dedicate your brand and company that you run as well as the quality of products that you offer to online clients.
Along with the above advantages, it also helps a user to make a flexible ordering as per his/her convenience, which is must to have to make your business reach to success.

3. iOS and Android Delivery App

It is important for the users/customers to know when his/her order will be delivered after an order is placed, as well as to know about its position, in that case, live tracking is a must to have for your system, and that can be fulfilled using a delivery app, since it will facilitate you and your customers to do live tracking on map as well to know the exact time for its deliveries, so that it can be received as per users convenience time and schedule.
In today’s generation, most of the online business companies do use this app, to provide the essence of great online services along with the smart delivery system. So if you’re planning ahead to create a smart website like HungryHouse, it is one of the musts to have an artifact to create the same.


4. iOS and Android Business App

 It proves to be as the most important and helpful artifacts, to make your business & website stronger and better in maintaining quality services online, as business app allows your individual business owners to check for the current orders placed, along with that, it helps the business owner to accept/reject an order with reason, place an exact date & time for its delivery, assign order to any drivers, allows to send push notifications to users/customers on their smart iOS or Android devices.
Keeping an aim in creating a website like HungryHouse, it is also a prime essence among all other needs.


5. Delivery Dashboard to conduct orders, routes & drivers

Maintaining a high tech system, it is to be checked that you should maintain everything synchronized, and maintaining a driver is another big aspect in maintaining your business deliveries. As if any drivers are not scheduled properly, the order's may can be delayed or undelivered within the allotted time, which can lead to severe damage to your business and goodwill, which is not good being a startup, so in order to maintain a well-synchronized website & well-managed delivery system,  it is recommended to get the Delivery Dashboard, as it will help you to maintain and manage all of your drivers/deliveries efficiently & smoothly like a tech.
Creating a website like HungryHouse, it is also recommended.


6. Dashboard to supervise your website and business.

It’s so called the central nervous system for a website, since it helps a business owner/super admin to do all basic as well as important ambiance, in establishing a website, which includes, business creation with basic information’s, products with details and description with price, image of products, delivery preferences, menu & schedule setup, CMS settings and much more.
Creating a website like HungryHouse, it is also essential and needed.

7. High-tech notification system

It will be your prime duty to check for the best notification system within your business website as it will help you to get important notification for you as well as for your online users on smart phones instantly, to provide quality services, Since if you lack from this special service, then you can lose many online orders as well as customers referrals, which you can't tolerate being a start-up, right?
Ordering.co, can help you get rid from all of those above cons, as it has got all of those above services to make your business on top, Reason for this is that ordering.co has already been integrated with the best notification system in it, so you can manage and run your business smooth & easy way, just like HungryHouse.


8. Advance payment gateways, for easy payments online

Allowing your users with the best payment facilities is to offer them with the options to make easy payment system online, by integrating online debit/credit cards payments when they are out of adequate cash at home. It is one of the best & comforting way to make your online customers/users feel relaxed when placing an order online.
There are no. of payments gateways that ordering.co do have in its system, like Stripe, PayPal and much more, which can make your online user's life more easier & running with ease.