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How To Choose The Right Online Marketplace Software For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Online Marketplace Software For Your Business

Since you're here, you probably already have an incredible idea for your online marketplace. Obviously, if you're new to choosing technology providers, you are wondering what are the most important factors and features to look out for?

There are many options out there, and doing thorough research definitely pays off,  since your software is what is going to determine the success of your online marketplace. According to Forbes, B2C online marketplace worldwide sales could reach an estimated $3.5 trillion by 2024.  

Undoubtedly, the website and application usability is the number one factor that first-time visitors assess. If you do not meet the speed requirements they are simply going to leave your page and choose one of your competitors instead. 

In this article, we are going to dive into some of the main attributes that your software providers should possess, in order for your online marketplace to succeed. 


The simplicity of the  ordering process

Operating on a system that allows simplicity of the ordering process and makes it speedy and usable for your customers is the number one factor that you should take into account when choosing your software. Clean layout, moving in and out of your cart easily and clear confirmation pages are some of the features that play a significant role in the ordering process. 



Another key feature, when choosing a provider, is checking whether the company offers you as much flexibility and opportunity to customize as possible.  A lot of providers offer a very limited level of customization to their systems. 

This one is particularly significant because you want your website and application to fully represent the story behind your brand and your concept, and create a unique experience for your visitors.  The visuals are what is going to be the first impression for somebody entering your online marketplace. 

You need to look for one which is going to allow you to implement videos, special banners, marketing campaigns and fully showcase the marketplace vision that you have in mind.


The speed of your website and application is detrimental to moving the visitors through the ordering process. In order to reduce cart abandonment and customers leaving mid-process, you need to invest in software that is going to have a reliable server and guarantee optimized page speed, for example, hosted by Amazon Web Services


Mobile friendly 

Given that internet users spend nearly 5 hours a day on their phones, choose software that is going to provide an immersive experience to your customers on all screen sizes, including desktop and mobile versions. Currently, 70% of all online searches and web traffic comes from mobile. 

A requirement that your provider should meet is a very easy-to-navigate multi-store mobile application, for IOS and Android. The features of the mobile application should include full customization of design and extensions (as mentioned before), easy ordering and real-time tracking, 


Payment options 

When choosing a software, pick one that offers the right payment gateways, such as a stripe or  PayPal end is easily customizable and depends on the needs and wants of your target audience.  Of course, and requires prior research to determine which payment options are most widely used among your target market. Once you have established what is the most convenient option for your customers, pick software that allows it. 

In addition, look out for software that allows you to save credit card information and uses an auto fill-in of customer information. The convenient and mobile-friendly point of sale is what will encourage vendors to display their products on your platform.  

Interactive push notifications and messages 

Keep your visitors' company throughout their customer journey.  Push notifications are going to keep your customers engaged, and it's going to make your shopping and delivery process a lot more reliable and transparent. This is definitely a feature to keep on your wishlist when picking a software provider. 

This is particularly important for companies who are in the on-demand food delivery sector because you want your real-time delivery tracking to be comparable with the well-established big players, such as UberEats, since they are usually the first choice for first-time customers. 


Wrapping up 

As a new online marketplace that is just entering the market, the most influential factor is providing value for your first-time visitors. What you can do in order to influence their decision, is incorporate significant elements features, such as: 

● Having an excellent website and app usability.

● Having a platform that is easy to navigate.

● Make sure that all of your platforms are speedy.

● Provide transparency throughout the entire customer journey for example real-time tracking of deliveries and follow-up notifications.  

● In order to avoid cart abandonment, provide easy and simple payment options.  

● And lastly, when looking for software, keep in mind the level of customization that you can implement in order to fully portray your brand. 


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