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How to boost sales for your restaurant business

by Ordering, on Nov 3, 2017 6:53:30 AM

In a world where most of your potential customers are hooked on to their mobile phones and laptops round the clock, you need to expand your marketing horizons a lot more than you think. Besides serving unique and succulent delicacies, these are a few things you may incorporate to rope in more customers both online and offline.

App it up

Nowadays, almost everyone looks out for a food ordering app for restaurants. When the agenda is to boost sales, it has now become imperative to be ‘app ready’ for your customers. This way they can order your food whenever they want on the go. Many customers make it a point to give their valuable feedback on these platforms. These feedbacks will not only influence a lot of other potential customers but also help you improvise on your preparations. However, you must make sure you respond courteously to each and every review (even if it’s a negative one) to pull in more leads. Create your own app online here.

Lead magnet strategy

A lead magnet is a process of generating potential leads by offering them something for free in exchange for their email address. For instance, if any of your website or app visitors come across an e-cookbook, they could receive it for free after they drop in their email address. This way you can gather core leads and leverage your email marketing strategies by updating your leads about the latest offers, discounts or any such useful developments related to your business.

Social media campaigns

In this ‘hashtag’ age, you need to promote your brand on every social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be your top-most priority. Besides paid posts, you can also work on organic campaigning by making maximum use of relevant hashtags along with good quality images of your restaurant’s food items. Of course, don’t forget to affix the link of your website or app in every post.

Landing page optimization

Nowadays, just having a lot of followers on online platforms is not enough to fetch leads. You never know, there might be a sudden policy update on social networks and all hell will break loose if your official page is lost or blocked! Here lies the importance of landing pages. You can attract the online visitors to your landing page either by mass mailing campaigns or a pop-up advertisement. It must have compelling content to attract the leads towards your website or app. This is really an effective way of gaining more leads and build your own database for marketing and engagement.

Reactivate old leads

If you’re already into your restaurant business for quite a long time, then you must have a record of your old customers. If they are not stopping by any more then you can remind them of your presence. For instance, it would be great if could wish them on their birthday and reach out to them by giving them an exclusive offer on their special day. Texting them personally and informing them about your exclusive offers can really be a great way to sustain customer loyalty.
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