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How to be ready to sell for Black Friday

How to be ready to sell for Black Friday-min

Black Friday is just around the corner! It is about time to bring your business idea to life and use this opportunity to launch your new product or service. Black Friday is a big annual occasion to significantly boost your revenue, especially in delivery services including food, clothing, gifts, and tech. 

In 2020, Black Friday online shopping broke all records. The Cyber Monday of last year was noted as the biggest day in U.S. online shopping history! 

The shopping app sessions increased by 23% in comparison to the previous years.

What does it mean for you? It is definitely worth being part of it this year and making the most of the record-high demand and spending patterns among customers. 

What were the top products sold last year? 

According to last year's data from Adobe Analytics, US consumers spent an average of 6.3 million dollars per minute online. Smartphone purchases increased by 25.3% compared to the year before. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have turned to online shopping for products and services that were previously bought in-store, in order to avoid lines and crowds. Traditional purchases used to include TVs, other electronics, games, and clothing. Last year, however, this list expanded to groceries, food, cosmetics, alcohol, and entertainment. 

Online grocery shopping on Black Friday surged 397% compared with October daily averages. Personal care products increased 556%, and online purchases of pet products rose 254%.

Those new trends have only been present for a year, meaning there is still a huge opportunity and ways to expand in the on-demand delivery sector. 

Why is it worth being part of the game this year?

There’s no better time for a pre-launch campaign.

Black Friday weekend is the perfect opportunity to introduce your new product or service with a pre-launch sale! 

Since the demand is way higher, compared to the other months, customers look to spend money on things that they normally would not splurge on. This makes them a lot more likely to try out new products and services, especially at a good price. 

With the elegant and easy-to-use platform, you can fully customize your special offers according to your needs and aesthetics. Surprise your website and app visitors with special deals and personalized offers to start gaining a loyal customer base. 

Be sure to communicate all of the benefits of ordering directly through your app, which sets you aside from third-party competitors. Such as pre-launch discounts that last even after Black Friday, membership points, gift cards, and limited-time offers. Remember to remind your customer of those benefits after the order too, to keep them engaged post-Black Friday. 

Black Friday does not only last one day

Combined with Cyber Monday, followed by Christmas shopping and post-New Year sales, Black Friday only marks the beginning of a month-long event. 

Having the right system in place on the Black Friday weekend makes it a great kick start for a new product or service. It allows you to get access to a broad spectrum of new customers and maintain the momentum of sales throughout the entire month.

Delivery anxiety among customers during Black Friday 
(And how to solve it)

Reliability of timely delivery and payment has been a source of concern for customers in recent years. According to GBG’s Consumer Christmas Report, 8 in 10 shoppers are worried whether their order will be delivered on time and if their credit card information is safe when completing purchases online. Especially during Black Friday, when many discounts seem ‘too good to be true.

This is a great chance for you to stand out! Using the right order management software can help you to maintain control of every aspect of your stores and orders on a browser or native apps. Make sure that you have clarity of all the incoming, pending, and completed orders. Having a full overview of the ordering process makes you less likely to make mistakes and be sure to deliver any on-demand product or service seamlessly.

Meeting the needs of your customer in terms of timely delivery will give you a higher chance of receiving positive reviews, to kick start your business’s reputation. Black Friday is a good opportunity to do so since the demand is much higher. Therefore, there are increased chances for customers leaving a review if their order has been delivered smoothly. This is a good way to fill in a demand gap that is lacking among your competitors.   

Possessing the feature of real-time communication and using follow-up notifications after the order, increases your credibility and maintains engagement throughout the whole customer journey. 


Having the right payment methods in place

Customers are looking for two things when completing their purchases: security of their payment information, convenient and speedy payment process. 

According to a report released by PayPal, purchases are 54% more likely to be completed at check out, when their logo is present. This data shows the advantage of not having to enter payment details each time, and shortening the payment process. 

It is of great importance to ensure the availability of a variety of secure payment methods, including Paypal credit cards, cash, card on delivery, etc.

Make sure to do thorough research on which payment options are the most prevalent and most frequently used among your target market and be sure to include them in your app before Black Friday!  

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