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How Much Can You Make With Superbowl Sales In Just 1 Day?

How-Much-Can-You-Make-With-Superbowl-Sales-In-Just-1-Day---minThe Superbowl just passed, covid 19 hasn't been reported to affect Superbowl Sales this year, and the TV commercials are already set up and ready to pump out Superbowl success to the eagerly awaiting fans. 

Beer is in fridges, prepping to cool down and be opened on the day. Each year the NFL rakes in tens of millions, but it is not just the NFL that can cash in. If you are a store owner and are set to sell on Ordering, you can make a large sum. 

There is no limit to the earnings that you can make this Superbowl. As with anything, you get what you sow. 

If you plant some super deals for your customers and market them well, you can earn big! The ordering application has all you need and much more to get you set to sell for the Superbowl.


Precovid Earnings Were Huge 

Stores in 2019 were going to make about 14.8 billion, and a large majority of that cash was food and drink. 

Many watch the game with their favorite food and beverage set in hand. A survey made for the national retail federation back in 2019 saw the average spend was $81.30; see how many clients you have on an average day, and then multiply that by this amount. 

Of course, the figures for spending increase each year because the food pricing and costs to order go up! It doesn't matter who plays or wins the match; the fact is that Superbowl is a nationwide game that has become a tradition for people to participate in. 

Anyone who is watching, and it is like a yearly regime that people cannot miss out on. From the singers on the pitch to start the game off with a bang, the celebrities in attendance with their significant others—the food, the advertisers, the players. Everyone participates in Superbowl fun, and the tradition will never grow old.


Just bear in mind like anything in life, people prepare in advance. The orders that are taken are not taken without careful consideration. 

Careful time and planning go into many a consumer's order. They don't necessarily order all at once on the big day; that is why it is essential to ensure that you list your items on the Ordering marketplace as soon as possible so that you can enable customers the opportunity to slowly but surely stock up for the big day. 

You can get great results by creating a series of offers and promotions themed around the Superbowl. It is all about how much time and effort you put into the whole thing.


The Performance will be Wild This Year.

This year's Superbowl performance is going to be crazy. It has an old-school vibe with Snoop Doggy Dog, Mary J Blige, rapping supreme Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar performances. 

You have to know that when so many good performers are set up to perform, the revenue will be higher than ever. The audience will be hyped up, and food and beverages will fly out of the doors of your restaurants and stores! 

Of course, there is also the possibility of other surprise performers popping up at the Superbowl 2022. Still, with the already existing ones being so major, nothing can surprise onlookers further, to be fair.


How Much Will I Make On Ordering.Co This Superbowl?

See, this question is not something that you can answer clearly. It depends on the most selling items you have on your menu, and a great indication would be to check your bestselling product and past event days that saw you rake in high amounts. 

Of course, if you haven't been listed online before, you cannot know the statistics that you earned last year's Superbowl, other than an indication of sales and revenues that you raked in when you sold offline. 

Of course, this will be higher when you have items directly sold to the consumer via an online ordering application accessible by the consumer from their mobile phone.

There is something so comforting about mobile phone orders. See, you can expect to earn enviable figures when you have a direct line to reach consumers via a tool that they cannot live without. 

After all, significant events like the Superbowl are what everyone needs to look forward to and wind down after almost two years of being laden with the stresses of Covid 19. 

Since Covid reared its ugly head, our trade has become more different. Life has been stressful, and large crowds' events offer a sentimental flashback to the days gone by when Covid 19 didn't exist. 

Then, we didn't have to cover our mouths with masks and be scared of when the next bout of the virus will mutate and face further health complications and store closures. 

So there has never been a better opportunity to list your store on the Ordering. Co-application.


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