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How much $$ are people spending, purchasing only in the Superbowl?


The most important sporting event of the year is approaching. If you own or are about to establish an internet business, you're undoubtedly curious about the actual Super Bowl spending.

According to the current consumer expenditure data from NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics' 2022 Super Bowl poll, 184.5 million Americans plan to watch the big game. 

Moreover, despite the pandemic's ongoing impact, consumers are more comfortable reviving game-day practices. 

Ninety million people expect to host or attend a party this year. Additionally, 13.7 million adults plan to watch the game at a bar or restaurant. Food, drinks, apparel, decorations, and other purchases are estimated to total $14.6 billion for the day.

However, the potential and the opportunity for online spending have remained the same. Online sales increased as people moved from the stadiums and bars to smaller close-circle gatherings and parties. 

This sales growth was especially noticeable in online food delivery and grocery delivery. 


Why should you be ready to sell by the Superbowl weekend? 

Food and Beverage spending trends 

Of course, this year's statistics are no different, and the spending for food and beverage still makes up an enormous 79% of the 14.6 billion of total Superbowl spending. 

Recently, the online on-demand delivery platforms have shifted from solely providing access to restaurants and delivering groceries and everyday items to the customer's doorsteps. 

The emphasis on grocery delivery can also be noticed in the Superbowl advertising. Uber Eats has recently launched its Superbowl campaign, promoting groceries instead of pizza and chicken wings. 

As stated by the Uber CMO, Uber wants Uber Eats to provide "everything in your local community so that you can get it within the next hour." 

As a result of this strategic change, Uber Eats' focus has shifted from restaurant delivery to groceries, liquor, convenience store items, cosmetics, and baby supplies. 

However, aside from the grocery shopping, which people will partake in to organize their parties, the delivery of pizza, liquor and chicken wings, and other ready meals is still going strong. 

Of course, snacks and pizzas aren't the same without a cold beer straight from the fridge. The 2020 Super Bowl was the final game before the significant shutdown. Even though venues could not offer beverages within their profit margins in 2021, total sales did not decrease. 

Last year, beer sales during the Super Bowl were predicted to be $1.2 billion, compared to $517 million for soft drinks and $226 million for whiskey.

Pizza sales are also predicted to stay at their maximum capacity this year. The CEO of Domino's pizza, which usually sells around 2 million pies on the day of the game, has announced that the company will 'tip' their customers 3 dollars who order directly online and select a pick-up option. 

This is due to the last of workers available for delivery during the intense Superbowl day, which marks Domino's pizza's busiest day of the year. 


Party decorations, electronics, and kitchen items... 

Before the pandemic, the Superbowl's significant spending was devoted to organized events and purchasing food and beverage items at bars, venues, and the live stadium. 

However, the purchasing trend has shifted to creating a Superbowl atmosphere at home in recent years. 

This includes buying DIY décor, football attire, and a variety of food and electronic products to make viewing from home more enjoyable. 

TV screens, speakers, and home theater systems were purchased. Pizza stones, air fryers, and quick pots were among the most popular kitchen equipment.

This year, the spending for decoration equates to 8% of the total expenditure, a 1% increase compared to last year's data.

On the other hand, furniture and entertainment sets are predicted to account for 5% of spending this year, and TVs will make 9%


The perfect time to launch your business 

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