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Hosting on your Servers & Local Hosting your Website.

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Let us show you what we know about Hosting in Servers & Local Hosting your Website for Customized changes in your front-end.
Let's start with Hosting on Your Servers
What do you need from Ordering?
You must have the Open Source Power Up Enabled.
 What do you need from your server?
The minimum requirement is that must be a server that runs angularJS (most of the servers can do this).
Also, the capacity of CPU and RAM may variate a lot depending on usage, for example, our server has 2 high-speed Xeon cores with 8 GB of RAM to all websites, so for a single hosting 2 regular cores with 4 of RAM should be more than enough.
 Now, learn how to Local Host your Open Source.
What do you need from Ordering?
You must have the Open Source Power Up Enabled, access to your Builder.
 What do you need from your end?
You'll require an HTML reader and just a basic knowledge of using your keyboard and mouse.
How to make this happen?
First: Open your Product Inside your Builder.
Second: Download your Open Source Code.
Third: Open the ZIP file that is downloaded from your Ordering Builder.
Forth: Right-click the folder and open it in the terminal (Windows & macOS).
Fifth: Start doing modification on your Folder and reload the site as you go, make sure to clear cache or open a new http-server.
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