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Home cleaning services as D2C platforms

Home cleaning services as D2C platforms-min

Are you thinking of starting out a D2C business online? There are so many services and industries to choose from, that you may be wondering what idea would suit you best.

While food ordering has become incredibly popular throughout the pandemic, other services, such as dry cleaning, flowers, cleaning services, and pastry is also on the rise. 

The global cleaning services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5 percent from 2021 to 2030, from $55,715.0 million in 2020 to $111,498.8 million in 2030.

As the D2C demand is growing exponentially year by year, this is a great time to invest your time and energy into starting out an online business. 


Why are home cleaning services a good idea for an online D2C platform? 

Customers continue to love ordering online 

A few years ago, ordering food or goods online was considered an occasional rather than a regular occurrence. However, having at least two or three D2C ordering apps on your phone has become a necessity.

Most individuals began using online applications for grocery and pharmaceutical delivery around the start of 2020. What about cleaning services for your home?

Many people in our convenience-oriented culture prefer to delegate household chores to third parties so that they can devote that time to work, travel, and personal growth. As a result, on-demand house cleaning services have become a popular choice among busy families.


A great way to build a presence online 

The reason why standard house cleaning services are at a disadvantage in comparison to online D2C businesses is the fact that customers do not have direct access to reviews, ratings, map tracking, and quick contact with the cleaning person.

However, with a well-designed D2C platform, transparency is a lot more attainable. Customers are able to view their cleaning service using real-time map tracking and push notifications, as well as see reviews and ratings associated with the person that gets assigned to them.

The consistency of service is what builds a presence online and allows customers to visually get an idea of what type of service to expect, through photos and videos of other customers. 


How to set up a D2C cleaning service platform? 

Choose a customizable software 

Firstly, you need to be selective about the software that you are going to use for your D2C platform. Whether you choose to build your business through a website or an application, there are several aspects that should be taken into account when choosing the right technology.

The first feature that is a must, is a well-functioning and customizable application, which is going to allow your customers to select their perfect service, location, and price. Be selective when making your choice, as not all software providers allow for adjustments and customization to the extent of your needs. 


A system that provides a clear overview of every order

Now that you have the basis in the form of a well-functioning platform, with a sleek interface, it is time to get into logistics. Firstly, you should invest in a platform that boasts an excellent order management system and has a variety of features, that add value to the operations.

The system should have a full overview of all the upcoming, pending, and canceled orders, payments, and potential errors of cancellations. This will allow for a smooth operation, without delays. 

Order management system not only serves the customer, but also increases your credibility as a company, and allows for the building of a strong reputation.

The consistency of service and quick problem-solving is going to generate more positive reviews, building a stronger brand and a community of local customers. 


Delivery of cleaning service 

The process of delivery and execution of each job should be smooth and transparent for the customer to be included in the process.

For example, having a real-time tracking map and push notification before and after the service gives the customer the opportunity to monitor that their cleaning service is going to arrive on time, as well as, provide you with immediate feedback.

This is a win for both parties since you can easily solve any potential errors and immediately give feedback to the employees working directly with a client. 

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