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Get the most out of Black Friday!

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The week with the highest sales of the year is just around the corner and at Ordering we want you to take advantage of the full potential of your business to generate the higher possible income.

Black Friday has evolved, now it is not just a day of offers, rather it has become a week in which businesses take the opportunity to offer their best promotions to their customers and be able to increase their incomes and clients.

To achieve this, it is important to take into account certain factors to be victorious in this frenetic week.

Here are some tips to take into account that we think will be of your interest:

1.- Study your competition:

Search for the businesses that compete directly with you. Learn about the promotions they offer, their advertising and how they attract customers.

2.- Recognize your strengths and weaknesses:

Many businesses venture to make offers greater than 50% on their products to generate greater sales, but they do not take into account that by doing this they can often end up in the red. Make a cost-benefit relationship, analyze how much money you are going to invest in advertising, improvements to your site and products so that you do not end up losing more than you can earn.

3.- Make a good marketing campaign:

All companies will seek to attract as many customers as possible and you should not be left behind. Run a smart campaign with eye-catching ads and beat the competition.
4.- Retain your new clients:

An important factor of Black Friday is that you should not only focus on generating as many sales as possible, but you should also analyze the possibility of retaining your customers to guarantee sales in the future. In addition to discounts, you can offer memberships, special packages, and unique benefits that hook your customers with your business and make them consume you again once Black Friday is over.

5.- Keep your platforms updated:
Did you know that more than 25% of customers prefer to buy from a website that is intuitive and attractive? If you have up-to-date platforms, with a modern and easy-to-use style, that will help your customers keep coming and increase your sales.
At Ordering we are your best option for  you to have that website and applications that you always dreamed of. Tell us your ideal business idea, we will guide you step by step for free in the development of your platforms so you can start selling online as soon as possible.

All our packages include:
- Website
- Ordering Apps
- Management Tools
- Delivery Logistics Features
- Hosting
- Branding
And much more!

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