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Free Resources for your Delivery Platform Ordering Website & Apps.

In Ordering, we always look for your business to grow. That's why we offer you some of our resources for free. so you can forget about the design work and focus on starting to generate profits.

Enjoy some of our best designs, use them as you wish, and give your business a new face.


In these resources, you'll find most of the images that you'll need in order to complete your website & apps, bear in mind that you have to put your logos inside the Apps, that's something that we don't have, however, we hope this helps you a lot.

This is how the images that we are giving you for free are going to look in your Website and Apps, enjoy them and take them as inspiration.


Website Images Resources and sizes.

Homepage background. 1920x1280


Confirmation page image. 1280x719


Play store's download logos. 164x48


Empty car image. 800x600

Ordering App iOS & Android Resources and Sizes

Homepage background. 1242X2209

Checkout. 1280x719