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Five Trends that will Rule the Future of the Food Delivery Industry

by Ordering, on May 30, 2017 6:11:31 AM


Five Trends that will Rule the Future of the Food Delivery Industry | Online ordering app | Online ordering system software | Online Delivery App | Online system software | Order food delivery app | Restaurant delivery app | Delivery apps for drivers | Restaurant online ordering software
The trend of food delivery and order is evolving at an impressive rate. The concept of food joints and take away counters, nowadays, exist online as well.  Quite naturally, ordering of food just in a few simple clicks has become the new craze.
So, what’s next?
Here’s a quick look at the hottest trends that are going to rule the food delivery industry this year.


1.- Online Consumers are Likely to Increase in Numbers

According to CGA Peach, more than half of the restaurant goers opted for doorstep delivery in the last six months. In fact, there’s been an increase in the number of customers who are dependent on online ordering facility. With the availability of food delivery apps, online ordering has become quite a norm and it’s expected to grow massively in the next few years.
Online Consumers are Likely to Increase in Numbers Image

2.- Variation to Happen in the Common Delivery Model

With online ordering gradually becoming the newest trend in the food industry, a tough competition is also building dramatically in the food delivery space. Today, even the small restaurants and local food joints are investing in online ordering system to market themselves more aggressively. This has initiated some drastic changes in the common delivery model. For example, the restaurants are now, getting maximum orders online and in most cases, ensuring successful on-time delivery.
Variation to Happen in the Common Delivery Model

3.- Competition between Third Party and In-house Delivery will Increase

Over the past few years, there has been a steep rise in the number of third-party delivery services. This has undoubtedly disrupted the food delivery space. However, with the arrival of several full-service restaurants, the popularity of the third party delivery services has somewhat decreased in some places. Many restaurants and food joints, nowadays, are opting for their in-house delivery service to compete with the popular third-party delivery services.
Competition between Third Party and In-house Delivery will Increase

4.- Delivery Droids and Other AI Solutions Will Come Into the Scene

As the food industry is becoming increasingly technology-driven, many food delivery brands are looking to implement AI solutions and various automation strategies to streamline the process. Delivery droids are also being tested by leading players in the industry. Experts believe that delivery droids will simplify the process and make it as smooth and painless as possible.
Delivery Droids and Other AI Solutions Will Come Into the Scene

5.- Technology Will be the Driving Force in the Food Delivery Industry

To accommodate the modern users’ digital expectations, new and creative use of technology is the only way to succeed. That’s why, an increasing number of restaurants and food joints are investing in the latest technologies like mobile apps, online ordering, droid based delivery and so on. It’s expected that 2017 will bring a few more innovations that will help food delivery brands to make a noticeable growth.
And, finally, there are food delivery apps, which efficiently accommodate the shifting preferences of time-starved customers. On the one hand, these apps serve the customers with better and larger variety of on-demand food and on the other, they help restaurant owners to make good returns.
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