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Five Reasons Why Brands Should Shift From D2C


Recently there has been a tremendous change in the way that business is done. Retail as we once knew it has evolved and changed tenfold. What we once knew as commerce a few years ago is now so different it's almost surreal.

Nowadays, business models are constantly evolving, and brands are always looking at new and innovative methods to grow faster. Old-style retail has changed, and now it is all about D2C selling. 

Many analysts have tried to figure out the reason why and many theories are running around. One of the most explanatory reasons is that all brands want to be able to increase their revenue! 

After all, isn't that what business is all about? So read on and find out five reasons why brands should shift to D2C. Once you do, there will be no going back. 

Your clients have a much longer customer lifetime value with D2C business. The reason is that when more traditional business methods are used, there are more middlemen involved in the selling process, and profits are lower. 

Intermediaries take slices of your profit! Selling goods to consumers directly literally enables you to make gains faster in more bulk, and of course, that increases the customer lifetime value. In short, the higher the customer lifetime value, the better the profits. 

Good Customer Relations 

Everyone knows that you have to have good relations with your customers, for them to return and buy from you. After all, the majority of offline business nowadays is from word of mouth! 

Customers love to brag about good purchases that they made, and they also love to recommend brands to their friends and family if they have had a good experience with them. A great way to ensure good customer relations is to contact your customers at each stage of their buying journey with your brand. 

When you use the D2C model of selling, it is so easy to do this. You can also track your efforts with marketing very well when there are no middlemen involved in the sales process. If you are selling goods directly, it offers you so many options to track your sales. 

As a result, it then enables you to understand your customers better and, in turn, maximize your revenue. Your customers will also love that the service is much more personal, and the service is of higher quality. Also you, the business owner will be able to reap the rewards too.

People Love To Buy Direct 

Since the launch of e-commerce and the whole internet concept, customers have loved the chance to buy items online. Studies conducted show this too with the statistics; Research found that a whopping eighty-eight percent of customers loved to purchase items directly from the manufacturer. 

Reasons aside from price were more deals, suitable time lengths for the offer warranties, things that are tailored more towards the individual customers' needs, and of course, the apparent factor, lower pricing. 

Once you offer low pricing to customers, providing that the items are quality, you will get repeat business, and also each sales transaction will be higher in quantity. 

D2C Offers A Great Control Mechanism

When you have control over the foundations of your business, such as customer data, pricing, products that are listed and sold, the brand in general, and of course, the overall reputation, business becomes easy. 

Customers want it all, and they also don't want to pay high prices for all they want! Demands are a lot, and if you can provide the very best customer service, their loyalty will walk elsewhere; simple, lousy service means poor business.

It is like taking a knife and wounding yourself on foot purposely if you cannot take complete control of your selling process. D2C offers you full control and much, much more besides!

You, Will, Have A Multi-Channel Business Model 

Customers can shop with a very plain sailing approach to purchasing. However, people get tired of using multiple different channels on their way to making a purchase. 

When this process occurs, nothing seems tailored to the customer's needs. In a survey conducted by UC Today, over 90% of customers wanted to be able to achieve an Omnichannel experience in the middle of the communication

It is customary nowadays, and modern-day purchasers expect to get this regardless. If you cannot offer your customers a unified experience, you will like it or not lose your customers! Repeat business will not happen. 

To ensure that your customers stay, you need to keep on top of customers' touchpoints when using your brand's goods. It is a great way to be able to rest easy. D2C is a stress-free way of conducting business. One that will work extremely well for you.

To summarize, D2C is the way to go. If you haven't experienced selling directly to your customers, you need to jump on the bandwagon and join the revolution. Once you do, there will be no looking back. Using an online platform such as Ordering will enable you to sell your goods on a D2C basis with great ease.