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Feedback, Reviews, and Testimonials; Essentials For Your Business Growth.

Feedback, Reviews, and Testimonials; Essentials For Your Business Growth.

As funny as it may sound, feedback and reviews play an essential role in your business growth. When you talk to any business owner, large or small, they will tell you that reviews are a crucial part of keeping customers coming back, and of course, biting new customers. 

However, if this is the case, why do some businesses point blank refuse to use them? Some don’t know how to source feedback and reviews. Read on for tips that will help you with getting reviews. 

So- Where Can You Get Feedback And Reviews? 

If you sell on an online marketing platform, you make the whole review thing easier than others. Simply enable your customers to order on the platform and participate in the final part of the feedback system! 

For those that sell and trade online, you can use Google reviews. It is simple and effective to use. 

Linked In- offers testimonials if you have a business whereby you provide a service. A testimonial can make a massive difference to getting a new client, as when they read it, everyone will want to order! 

Trust Pilot is another excellent place to build up online reviews for your business. The more you have, the better!  

Trust Pilot and Google reviews appear in search results when people Google your company, they are widely visible. 

If you aim to get stellar reviews, then when prospective customers Google you, the rating of the studies will look great. The more web presence you have, the more reputable you are, and it is easier for people to trust and relate to you. 

Why Do Reviews Play Such A Huge Role In Business Growth? 

Nowadays, it is all about social validation. Consumer behavior is linked a lot to positive reviews. Humans like to follow suit; once a review has been left from someone that enjoyed your service or product, then it helps to encourage others to purchase as well. 

Nowadays, most people don’t have the brain capacity to be the first to take the lead sadly; most people follow suit! 

Humans as a race are scared to be the first one, they are worried about ordering or going with a company that doesn’t have any feedback.

A survey conducted by Bright Local found that an astounding 91% of people aged from 18 to 34 trusted online reviews more so than personal recommendations. 

A lack of reviews shows to the consumer that you don’t have customers! 

To be successful, you need a consumer base, which is opinionated and leaves their feedback.

Try, and aim to have a minimum of 20 or 30 reviews the very moment that your business goes live on the web. Also, anything that is substandard or below a 4.5 really shouldn’t be floating around. 

Think about it carefully; picture this scenario.  You need to order food and see that the reviews for a restaurant are poor. There are a bulk of feedback reviews from that particular restaurant. 

Even though the food looks tasty and succulent, the feedback is poor. Then, there is an alternative restaurant with food not as presentable, yet the feedback is better; what is the likely hood that you will order with the poorly reviewed restaurant? 

The chances are that you will go with an enterprise that has better reviews. 

Rule Out Paid Reviews

One of the most annoying things out there right now on the internet is the paid review tactic.

There are countless freelancer sites advertising projects for freelancers to leave positive reviews and get paid for doing so. 

That is cheating! Not only is it cheating, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your business because paid reviews are shoddy, and most of the time, visible. You cannot beat honesty. 

So How Do You Get Customers To Review You? 

It is not difficult to encourage customers to engage. For example, if you lack reviews, you can offer them a discount on their next order to leave a review for you. 

Email them to notify them that you are online and leave a review about the service they received. 

Ensure that an easy-to-follow link is visible and takes the customer directly to the landing page where they can leave feedback. 

The format of any email that you send should be clear and concise. It should also have limited content not to overwhelm the reader. 


Review generation is an essential part of any marketing strategy. It doesn’t matter how large or small the company is. 


The generation of reviews should be a constant cycle and contribute towards the system. By no means should it be a fast one-off attempt at trying to get some quick positive reviews to stand out temporarily? 

It would be best to get your client base to leave regular reviews in an almost automated clockwork-like manner.  

A great system to use to sell online is Ordering.co, where you can enter an online marketplace and sell your goods. 

Many of the major food franchises out there already trust their reputable system, and you too can benefit tremendously from signing up. There is a review system enabled on the application, and you can also engage with your clientele with great ease. 

However, you source your reviews, and whichever online marketing strategy you choose to go with, be aware that reviews are essential to clients.