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E-commerce, a growing market.


There is no doubt that E-commerce has changed the way we do business in the last decade.

More and more entrepreneurs dare to open their traditional store to Internet sales. Some even take the initiative to create completely electronic businesses.
This is due to different reasons, one of them is because more than 50% of the world's population is connected to the internet, 35% to social networks. This increases the connections people have with one another and expands their markets.
Another key to the current success of E-commerce is that it offers many advantages for customers. Buying online is tremendously convenient since it allows us to save travel and avoid queuing.
Also, online, it is possible to find numerous promotions and offers and cheaper prices than in physical stores. Of course, there is a greater range of products (you will find practically everything you need) and flexibility in payment.
Of course, we must also comment that online sales' continuous growth is due to the improvement of online sales platforms thanks to technological development.
In Ordering, for example, we are characterized by being functional and have simpler processes. In addition, we make our platforms intuitive so that the seller can manage them himself.

This phenomenon has caused companies such as Uber Eats and Didi to have generated more sales for food delivery this year than for their original turn.

Unfortunately, for this same reason, these companies have increased the commission they charge their customers to use their platform, reducing their profits considerably.

In Ordering, we seek to be a viable alternative to this problem and offer our clients the opportunity to enter the world of E-commerce with their own easy-to-use platforms with which they offer their products in a more comfortable way to their clients.


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