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Does My Food Franchise Need An Online Ordering System?

Does-My-Food-Franchise-Need-An-Online-Ordering-System-minNowadays, everyone has heard about online ordering applications. It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what age you are! It would be weird if you didn't order food online in the past year!

 So it goes without saying when you have a food franchise, you need to utilize an online ordering system. It is vital to your business's survival to offer your wares online to customers.

Now iPods, smartphones, laptops, devices connected to the internet are all used as a lifeline to the consumer and the food franchise businesses. So you need to adapt to the new strategy and embrace the world of communication via online ordering applications. 

Suppose you are not convinced that your online food franchise needs to be on an online ordering application. In that case, this article covers reasons why you should have been offering your wares a long time ago; you cannot afford not to offer your restaurant's menu online to customers. 


Statistics That Speak Louder Than Words 

A survey found out that over fifty-four percent of customers in the US alone preferred to order via an online ordering system off their smartphone or tablet

They also chose this method for deliveries where it is possible. Furthermore, the figures in the survey stated that seventy-four percent of millennials found the concept appealing and wanted to order their food online if the chance passed them by. 

An excellent reason why you do need to consider an online ordering system!  


Increase Your Staffs Productivity 

Suppose you are not utilizing online ordering for your restaurant or franchise. In that case, your staff waste time faffing around taking orders via the telephone, making sure that orders get handled correctly. 

Also, sadly when orders get taken in an old school manner on the phone, the conversation can be miscommunicated.

As a result, making human errors take place, time spent making sure that orders taken correctly are longer- and overall, a smooth sailing error-free method of business guaranteed without flaw.

Phone time will be significantly reduced by utilizing a Point of sale and introducing your restaurant's menu onto an application to the consumer. 

In addition, staff will spend time getting orders ready, and customers can put in larger bulk orders in advance with timings via the web, enabling the team more time to prepare the charges and ensure that the standard of food is higher. 


Orders Are More Accurate 

Your customers will be able to choose their order from the comfort of their homes. Because the menu is clear and concise on the application, they will order with complete accuracy.

Once the order gets taken, it gets sent to the printer in your restaurant, and there are no misunderstandings or miscommunications as everything is in black and white. In turn, this helps to prevent bad reviews and publicity from being created on the web. 

It saves money on inaccurate orders, edits, and human resources hours. 


You Can Expand Your Food Franchise Faster

No one wants the hassle of placing calls and negotiating their food on the phone nowadays. Therefore, restaurants lose a lot of business when their orders are not conveniently placed on an online ordering application. 

It is all about convenience, and customers now want to order with great ease, in their comfort zone. When this service is offered, the business can expand faster, as a company is more plain sailing and you reach more people.


Build A Vast Customer Database 

When you have walk-in customers or customers that call to order via the telephone, it is a lot harder to keep a record of them. 

An online ordering application lets you hold onto and store vital information like email addresses, phone numbers, and order amounts.

You can then create a loyalty program and encourage them to order again with online communication. As a result, you can re-engage with past customers and gain more repeat business with great ease.


Once Your Database Is Created- Wave Hello To Analytics 

It is a significant part of online business analytics. You really cannot underestimate the power of checking through the statistics and percentiles of customers that order. 

You can see their order amounts if they repeat orders with great frequency, age when applicable, and the information can be a gold mine to you when establishing consumer patterns. 

Also, of course, menu offerings that are not successful will be identified and removed. You can also increase items on the menu by keeping tabs on the things in demand and selling more- catering accurately to your consumer's needs. Nowadays, this is more important than ever as online trends bombard us. The business has to be fast-paced and adaptable to fit the consumer's needs. 


So, there you have it—reasons why your food franchise has to be listed via an online ordering application


If this did not convince you, perhaps business is not for you! The main objective of being in business is to increase your profits. This can only be done when you stay up to date with what the consumer wants and needs.